Best of Twitter 2009 Contest ~ Is winning more important than acknowledging those who give and give and give?


Here is a list of people I chose randomly, they are all GOOD people, they ALL contribute massive amounts of love, energy and light into our Twitterverse………….

BUT…. what do we see? We see “VOTE FOR ME…I wanna win…”

Winning this FUN CONTEST would be an achievement in intself meaning that you have contributed something valuable, friendship, inspiration, guidance, anything at all..  You could just be a LOVELY wonderful person, a #twitangel, #twittersfinest #purejoy a #hunkalert…….

BUT……….. why is it so important for the top – say 100 – top 5 or 10 pages of people to remain at the top.. what about those valuable Twitter Users who we KNOW we cannot do without and who do SO much for the Twitter Community who are not in those top 10 pages…. do they no longer count?

Will these wonderful people count again when you need love, inspiration, guidance and friendship once the contest is done and dusted?

You can vote every 20 minutes for as many people as you feel are worthy of a vote for adding value to your TwitterLife…  You can even vote for yourself as I am sure many do…. In between waiting for that 20 minutes for YOUR vote, spend some time going through the hundreds of other pages and cast a vote for someone else – someone with whom you share a mutual following and respect…. someone deserving….

Sheesh! the mind boggles…

Here is a list I compiled in the last few minutes of EXCEPTIONAL people who deserve to be voted for – NOT to win – clearly with those who do not interact with their followers who sit with 38zillion votes, they’re not going to win however much they DESERVE to win – BUT they do interact with YOU, their followers, and they add value to your Twitter experience…..

Take just 20 minutes 3 times today to go through the pages and vote for those of your followers who you interact with – give them the recognition they deserve for their valuable contributions…

My list is a random list – I love so many people and I can assure you that while your name may not be on the list below, I go through the pages and I cast my votes… whether you are on page 1 or page 110……… if i added everyone on to the list below who I voted for it would take 70000 pages 🙂

Really very simple… Play Fair – you want votes – so go give ’em -> go to

Type in the @ name without the @ and submit or find.. SIMPLE.. HIT VOTE… DONE.. literally 5 seconds of your time to acknowledge a person who has added value to your Twitter Life….
Best of Twitter 2009 – Tweeter Vote Wall Contest.

2 Responses to “Best of Twitter 2009 Contest ~ Is winning more important than acknowledging those who give and give and give?”

  1. keithborgnet Says:

    Hey Donnette,
    That is testing my eyesight more than an avitar lol
    I also spend a lot of time voting for whoever i see that are my freinds – come to think of it – are you there?? I would have voted, but i never thought to search sorry.
    Can we add @lovegoldcoast (a real hunny) and @bear_nagata , they might be there – i just can’t see lol

    Cheers darl,

    p.s Thanks for the invite :))

    • LOLOLLLLZ @ You, you precious man.. of course… we have them… I vote also as often as I can get on.. Yes, I’m there, o page 3 I think…….

      BTW where have u been hiding out? Haven’t seen you in days honey.. hope all is well in your world.. 🙂


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