Save lives in Haiti ~Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert

CARE is deploying additional emergency team members to the devastated city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, where the worst earthquake in 200 years destroyed houses and left thousands homeless. While the exact death toll from yesterday’s 7.0-magnitude quake is not yet known, it is expected to be catastrophic.

Please help us rush lifesaving aid to Haiti by making a gift to CARE now.

Early reports from the media and CARE staff report that the capital city is in ruins. Most of the buildings have collapsed, including hospitals, homes and schools.

“We’re particularly worried about the children, because so many schools seem to have collapsed,” said Sophia Perez, CARE’s country director in Haiti. “In Haiti, children go to school in the afternoon. Children were still in school when the earthquake hit, so there are many children trapped. It’s horrifying.”

Your gift to CARE today will help us support survivors of this deadly disaster.

Haiti is already one of the poorest countries in the world, and this earthquake will make things worse for impoverished men, women and children there.

Please give now to help CARE deliver lifesaving aid to the people of Haiti as soon as possible.

Thank you for your generosity at this critical time.


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Helene D. Gayle, MD, MP
President and CEO, CARE


CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting root causes of poverty.
Our U.S. headquarters is located at 151 Ellis Street NE, Atlanta, GA, 30303-2420.
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