#Squidoo RocketMoms Help for #Haiti: Create a lens for Hope for Haiti

I am PROUD to be a MEMBER OF ROCKETMOMS <- Winning Women on The WEB

We need your help…. Please..

A message to all members of RocketMoms

H A 7.0 earthquake recently
hit the Caribbean nation of Haiti.
As many of you have seen on
the news the island and its people have been devastated.

Today RocketMom happynutritionist
created this passionate lens: Natural
Disaster Relief – What Can I Do? Earthquakes, Tsunami, Fire,
Mud Slide, Volcano, Tornado
to raise awareness and funds for the people of

You can help too. Join RocketMoms Help for Haiti. Simply create a new lens or change the charity settings
on an old lens to 100% for Hope
for Haiti
. They are working directly to help the victims of the
earthquake. Then add your lens to the plexo on RocketMoms Help
for Haiti

Also be sure to add a “Donations” Module for Hope for Haiti on your lens. If we all work together I am sure we can get
100+ lenses to help the people of Haiti. Everyone can participate in
this challenge.

Please be sure to pass this on to your friends and family too.


Your RocketMoms Organzier

Visit RocketMoms at: http://squidoorocketmoms.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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