Situation in #Haiti remains dire – Make a difference. Please.

CARE is a leading humanitarian organisation fighting root causes of poverty. Please read this

heartwrenching plea. Your $5 and 2 minutes of your time can make a difference to the life of one of these

victims of this natural disaster. Please….

we CAN all do something, however small..

it WILL make a difference…..

You can also contribute through on the St Aiden’s Homeschool homepage or via Currclick Publishers, who are

matching donations from Homeschoolers in their “Homeschoolers Help Haiti” Link.

Emergency Alert

URGENT: Help CARE continue our distribution of aid in Haiti.

Donate Now

photo: Reuters/Kena Betancur,

The situation in Haiti remains dire. CARE staff on the ground in Haiti say the extent of the damage to homes and infrastructure is reminiscent of the damage caused by the 2004 tsunami in Asia.

We have begun our distribution of 60,000 meals and 600,000 tablets to purify water. While the logistics in this type of situation can be difficult, we are coordinating efforts with other agencies to make sure we don’t duplicate areas and we reach everyone in need.

Help us continue to deliver emergency relief to the survivors in Haiti — make a donation now!

Our initial goal is to help 25,000 people, but this number will rapidly increase. In addition to the meals and water purification tablets, we also are helping distribute sanitation items, plastic sheeting and cooking kits.

Women and children are among those most affected. Haiti already had one of the highest maternal death rates in the region and there are an estimated 37,000 pregnant women in the disaster zone who, without access to proper medical care, clean water and food, risk medical complications.

After disasters, CARE also provides safe delivery kits for women and health centers to facilitate safer, cleaner deliveries. We are working together with partners to determine how to procure these items as quickly as possible.

Please make a donation to our Haiti Relief Fund today so that we can expand the number of people we are able to help.

We will continue to send you updates as we receive them — communication with our staff on the ground remains difficult. You can also check our Web site for the latest news, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you again for your continued support for the devastated people of Haiti.


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Helene D. Gayle, MD, MP
President and CEO, CARE

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CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting root causes of poverty.
U.S. headquarters is located at 151 Ellis Street NE, Atlanta, GA, 30303-2420.
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