New 6.1-quake hits Haiti, people flee into streets (AP)

New 6.1-quake hits Haiti, people flee into streets (AP)

AP – The most powerful aftershock yet struck Haiti on Wednesday, shaking more rubble from damaged buildings and sending screaming people running into the streets eight days after the country’s capital was devastated by an apocalyptic quake.

Reading the comments on this page… felt completely nauseated at some of the things that were written, NEEDED to comment and it wouldn’t let me post or it posted and didn’t show.. GRRRRRRRRRR……….. so I’ll do it here…..

WOW there’s a lot of hatred on this page…. how tragic.. Have you seen the little children? How do they fend for themselves in a situation like this? Can they be blamed for what has happened in the past on that island? No.. but with the right intervention they can survive this tragedy, after all they ARE the future…

Is it the “responsibility” of America to sort out all that has happened? No.. Neither is it the “responsibility” of the thousands of private individuals and organisations that have opted to try and save a life… including many who flew out of South Africa last week. We cannot even ENTER any of the countries mentioned (including USA and Haiti) without paying half a year’s salary for permits – even in Transit… But we do it… And believe me when I say that living life in present-day South Africa is NOT a walk in the park….

Yes, it was a silly comment perhaps.. “I don’t know who is responsible for helping us but someone needs to hurry up” but more than likely borne of desperation – Ungrateful they may well appear to be, right now I don’t think being grateful is the top of their list of “things to do”… We live it here all day every single day in this country, which although 3rd world and going backwards, is supposed to be considered “civilised” and “emerging”. The kind of looting, fighting, poverty, hunger, and yes even the “voodoo” (Here it is referred to as ‘traditional healing’) which is mentioned, is a WAY OF LIFE in some countries… that does NOT make me or my children responsible for the activities of what has happened in the past or participants of the activities of the present.

IMHO this is a time when people who actually care do what they can, without looking for reason or justification, they just do it.. because that is what a compassionate human being would do… You don’t stand on a starving child, stomp him into the ground, when he is begging you for help, and eat a pizza in front of him while chanting “But 100 years ago your great-grandfather did this… ohh your uncle..”

I agree with “Where is the President now..” And the “9 Govts in 20 years” <- that’s a darn shame.. the last president lives here in South Africa in Exile…living a luxurious life..

Can you blame the populace of the island for what HE did to them or for the contrast in their lives? The argument is ridiculous.. like blaming me for apartheid because of the colour of my skin… very mis-informed and ignorant…..

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes!

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