Haiti Update – Raising Awareness and Funds in Twitter, Blogging for Haiti @MentionHaiti

On January 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Join recovery efforts mobilizing around the world to assist earthquake victims. Your donation will help disaster victims rebuild their lives and their communities. Google will also donate $1 million to help organizations provide relief.

Reading the Sunday Times, South Africa this morning, the heartbreaking accounts from Search & Rescue Workers who were deployed to Haiti and have now returned after the S&R was officially called off on Saturday, describe in graphic detail the absolute devastation that is facing this nation. One account is how a dog ate a corpse in the street, and onlookers – well they remained onlookers. Their spirits are understandably broken, hope is almost all but completely gone. Bodies are piled up outside the Capital’s Mortuary, the stench is putrefying.

The death toll is currently at just over 111000. It is estimated that 2.5 million Haitians have been left homeless or without basic requirements necessary for survival. The death toll is expected to rise to 200000.

It is at this time that we have all witnessed Organisations, NGO’s, private individuals, corporations, companies, performing artists etc stand together in an effort to at least alleviate some of the suffering and desperation, and pave the way to rebuilding this crushed nation, no mean feat considering that the nation was poverty-stricken to begin with, there are cries for the return of the ousted ex-President, who now resides in luxurious exile in South Africa, and receives the same income and benefits as a South Africa Cabinet Minister. He currently resides in a lush suburb in South Africa’s Capital, Pretoria, with his wife and 2 children, apparently wholly supported financially by the South African Government. He was ousted in 2004 amidst inter alia charges of corruption, human rights violations and murder. If politics come into play between him and the current president, who is operating from make-shift offices, further extreme challenges will be facing this desperate Nation.

Below is a list of reputable and verified organisations that are all involved with raising funds and awareness for this Haitian disaster relief…… Please take 5 minutes of your time to visit one of these sponsors.

Donate to UNICEF

UNICEF is deploying clean water and sanitation supplies, therapeutic foods, medical supplies and temporary shelter to Jacmel and Port-au-Prince. UNICEF will also be focusing on children who have become separated from their families to protect them from harm or exploitation.

Donate to CARE

CARE plans to start food distributions using stocks of high-protein biscuits from CARE warehouses in Haiti. CARE has 133 staff who are on the ground coordinating with U.N. agencies and other aid organizations to gather more detailed information about the damage and will rapidly scale up response based on those assessments.

Other ways to help

Also accepting cash and in-kind donations are the following sites: Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, UNICEF (1-800-4UNICEF), Direct Relief, Yele Haiti, Partners in Health, Red Cross, World Food Program, Mercy Corps (1-888-256-1900), Save the Children, Lambi Fund, Doctors Without Borders, The International Rescue Committee, Care, William J. Clinton Foundation, Meds & Food For Kids, Feed the Children, Habitat for Humanity, Mayor’s Fund for NYC

The following organizations are accepting SMS donations in the US only:

  • SMS text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts
  • SMS text “YELE” to 501501 to Donate $5 to Yele Haiti’s Earthquake Relief efforts
  • SMS text “GIVE10” to 20222 to donate $10 to Direct Relief

Help map Haiti – Directly assist relief workers in saving lives.

Source: Google Haiti Relief

Twitter @MentionHaiti Relief Effort……

As mentioned previously, it is not only the Humanitarian Organisations and Large Corporations who have risen to the challenge and
opened a channel for receiving donations and providing information, but private individuals. Two such individuals are Todd & Hilda, their links are to be found in the article below, which is extracted directly from SaffronBerry’s Blog.

I am in awe of such individuals who so selflessly donate of their time, compassion and resources in an effort to make a difference in the lives of the victims of this tragedy. I thank you for the opportunity of joining with you in the Twitter Mention Haiti Relief Effort……

Haiti quake aid: boy receiving treatment at a UN clinic

A young boy receives treatment at a makeshift medical clinic at the UN logistics base in Port-au-Prince. Photograph: Logan Abassi/AFP/Getty Images

So, it’s Friday the 22nd of January and if you didn’t read my last post and have no idea what the Haiti Relief Effort is, please read it either before or after you read this.

My efforts to channel a very generous sponsor’s money to Haiti Relief have been noticed and acted upon by two very kind souls, Todd and Donnette, who emailed me a couple of days ago with the idea of spreading the fundraiser to Twitter, which the sponsor agreed to with certain limitations.

So here’s what you essentially need to know:

  • A Twitter account named @MentionHaiti has been created to raise more funds for Haiti.
  • If you mention this account once (@MentionHaiti) in your twitter feed, 2 things will happen:

1) Your name will be added to a list in @MentionHaiti’s account
2) For each name that is added to the list, $10 will be raised toward Haiti Relief

  • The cap on the amount that can be raised in this way is $50,000, so to participate you must be one of the first 5,000 people to include @MentionHaiti in a tweet.
  • Once the cap of 5,000 people has been reached, the account will continue operating and posting new links on ways to help Haiti and the only request is that the listed people mention these posts from time to time.

The comment program from the last post is still active, let me remind you of the basic points:

  • For each comment you leave on this blog until January 31st, $10 will be donated to Haiti Relief by my sponsor, a Gulf State Embassy here in London.
  • You may leave one comment per post on as many posts as you like, each one raising $10 toward relief. A few people
    have raised nearly $1000 by just leaving a comment on nearly every post in the blog. The only restriction is that you may
    not leave multiple comments on the same post.

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