#Squidoo Teaching Resources ~ #Homeschool Educator Download Packet~ Proceeds to #Haiti

Always makes me happy when I receive positive feed back.. This one particularly touched me, more so because the entire project was incomplete at the time my internet/email went down………. THANK YOU, Visitor, for taking the time to visit this page, albeit incomplete as it was at that time…. This notification is something I received regarding my latest lens on Haiti Earthquake Relief (before my internet went crash boom bang #blameTelkom..) Baby steps.. If every person did just ONE small thing, we can make one MASSIVE difference…. The full packet comprising over 320 Pages of 2 Full and extremely comprehensive Unit Studies, .EXE files, student resources, lesson plans, teaching guides (Gr1-7) on both Haiti (History, Geography, Culture (even Creole Recipes) plus fun activities for little ones) and a further Unit Study on Earthquakes. Fun and educational activities included throughout, crossword puzzles, word searches, vocabulary exercises, Dictionary Work, web-quest and more……….. For a $5 donation, the full proceeds (less publisher royalties) will go towards Haiti Relief. http://www.squidoo.com/homeschool-resources-haiti-earthquake

To those of you who know me, you will know I support a fair number of verified and reputable Humanitarian organisations, Doctors Without Borders being one of our recent beneficiaries via http://twitter.com/mentionhaiti – I would be very grateful if you passed this information on to your homeschool Organisations, in your Twitter streams and blogs… (and Please leave a comment on the Squidoo page so I can get back to you to thank you for taking the time to visit.)

Anyway here is what I received, and am touched enough to want to share it. Would love for you to visit the Squidoo link for further information, resources for educators and students, and also videos. Brilliant links to other Lenses who also donate 100% of the proceeds of their lenses to Helping Haiti can be found on my page. Thank you for taking the time to read this update. And thank you to all those of you who have supported all relief efforts in Haiti.

Anyway this is what I received, and just wanted to share 🙂

Hi Donnette,

Lucky duck. There’s a new comment in the Guestbook on your lens “Teaching Resources ~ Homeschoolers Help For Haiti”

This is very good! The home schoolers will have their work cut out for them in Haiti. Every kind deed will mean so much to the people of Haiti. ~ Bless you heart!

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