Meet Jacob Zuma : South Africa’s President #WhatAGem – Images & More – if you’re sitting down first!

Meet Jacob Zuma – the man who thought – no – he insisted – a shower prevented HIV infection, and who said that a woman he was accused of raping asked for sex because of the way she was dressed… uh helllooooooooooo and whose friend who was released from prison in in another African Country for theft and corruption, became S Africa’s Minister of Health, known as Dr Beetroot (also highly educated one can tell) both of whom have really made South Africans feel extremely PROUD to be South African…

Jacob Zuma – the REAL Jacob Zuma, the current “ruler” of one of the previously most influential and wealthiest countries if not in the world at the very least in Africa… How far we have come!!! And what an international joke you are! I hasten to add that although these facts are cited from their sources my opinions (mostly in red) are MY opinions and are not intended to implicate any other person/s organisations or institutions (although they all feel exactly the same)

Zumatello Strikes Again!

After the original sighting of Zumatello, this piece of brilliance (probably the first of many) has now emerged:

Latest News:
Jacob Zuma apologises for fathering his 20th child with friend’s daughter

South African president’s affair with World Cup committee chairman’s daughter slammed by opposition and sexual health activists

South African president Jacob Zuma with his three wives.

South African president Jacob Zuma with his three wives, from left, Thobeka Mabhija, Nompumelo Ntuli and Sizakele Khumalo. Photograph: Mike Hutchings/AFP/Getty Images

Jacob Zuma, the polygamous president of South Africa, has apologised for fathering his 20th child with a woman who is not one of his three wives.

Sexual health activists have criticised Zuma for having sex with the daughter of a friend who is one of the principal organisers of this year’s World Cup, contending his behaviour sets a bad example in a country with one of the world’s highest rates of HIV and Aids, the Reuters news agency reported.

Senior ANC officials are also furious with the president for embarrassing the party and breaking a pledge he made after being elected party leader in 2007 “not to embarrass the ANC with other sexual revelations”, according to South Africa’s Star newspaper.

“I have over the past week taken time to consider and reflect on the issues relating to a relationship I had outside of wedlock,” Zuma said in a statement today.

“It has put a lot of pressure on my family and my organisation, the African National Congress. I deeply regret the pain that I have caused to my family, the ANC, the Alliance and South Africans in general.”

On Tuesday Zuma, who married for the fifth time last month, confirmed reports he had fathered a child with Sonono Khoza, the 39-year-old daughter of Irvin Khoza, who is chairman of the World Cup local organising committee and owner of the Orlando Pirates football club.

Khoza is said to have told family friends that he felt betrayed by Zuma’s relationship with Sonono, as he considered him a friend. Zuma has now made a traditional payment of inhlawulo (damages) to Khoza’s family.

The leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, Helen Zille, has accused Zuma of undermining the South African government’s campaign against multiple sexual partners, “and the inherent Aids risk in having unprotected sex”.

Multiple marriages are allowed in South Africa and form part of Zulu culture, but have drawn criticism from HIV and Aids activists. At least 5.7 million South Africans are infected, and an estimated 1,000 people die from the disease every day.

The South African president sings and dances at his wedding ceremony

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, married his third wife in a traditional Zulu ceremony but not without a hitch.

Zuma, 67, reportedly slipped and fell during a traditional solo dance at the wedding at his homestead in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal province.

Zuma and Tobeka Madiba, the republic’s third first lady, were presented to society as husband and wife for the first time during their ceremony, South Africa’s Eyewitness News reported.

Accompanied by an entourage of men dressed in leopard skins, Zuma sang and danced, the network said. Madiba was then presented with her own entourage of young Zulu men and women.

The president did a solo traditional dance but slipped and fell backwards in the process, according to Eyewitness News. The reporter who saw the slip said later that this did not appear to be part of a traditional Zulu ceremony where dancers execute a fall. There was no indication that he had been hurt.

The Madiba family presented Zuma with a chest of drawers as a wedding gift.

Overcast skies in Nkandla failed to dull the spirits of villagers dressed in animal skins and African prints who walked along muddy trails to the Zulu ceremony, known as udwendwe.

The media were kept away from the proceedings, but buses transporting the guests were seen outside Zuma’s house, where three big tents were erected. Several sheep, goats and cows were slaughtered for the wedding feast.

The Zulu tribe, the biggest ethnic group in South Africa, practises polygamy by tradition. Zuma once told an interviewer: “There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so as to pretend they’re monogamous. I prefer to be open. I love my wives and I’m proud of my children.”

Madiba joins Sizakele Khumalo-Zuma, whom Zuma has known for 50 years and married in 1973, and Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, whom he married two years ago.

There were two further wives. He divorced Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, now home affairs minister, in 1998. Kate Mantsho Zuma killed herself in 2000, after describing her marriage to him as “24 years of hell”.

Zuma is said to have more than 10 children, and possibly as many as 19. Zuma has paid lobolo (bride price) to the family of Madiba, described as a socialite from Durban, as custom demands. She has attended official events with the president but it appears the wedding had been postponed until now because of Zuma’s work commitments. He was elected president in April.

Zuma is also reportedly preparing for a sixth wedding. Gloria Bongi Ngema is understood to have presented umbondo (gifts) to the Zuma family last week, customarily a precursor to marriage. Originally from Durban, Ngema works for IBM in Johannesburg and has a son with Zuma named Sinqumo.

Zuma has also been linked to a Swazi princess, but has given no clear indication that he plans to wed her.

South African law recognises multiple marriages, although fewer young South Africans are entering into them because they are seen as expensive and old-fashioned. The cultural practices of Zulus and other groups are protected by the constitution.

Zuma played up his Zulu heritage during the election campaign and spent Christmas at his homestead in Nkandla. He relaxed by shooting birds with a slingshot, drinking umqombothi (traditional beer) and taking part in a chess tournament. It emerged this month that a reported R65m (£5.3m) expansion of the Nkandla residence is under way with new houses being built to accommodate Zuma’s three wives.

Jeremy Gordin, Zuma’s biographer, said he was surprised how little attention Zuma’s latest wedding had received. “I find it interesting that there were all kinds of people making belligerent comments on his polygamy, but that died down after the election.”

He added: “Zuma is adamant about polygamy. It’s his right as a Zulu. But he only took one wife to Italy to meet the pope.”

This article was updated on 5 January 2010 to make clear that the Eyewitness News reporter who saw Jacob Zuma’s fall later said that this did not appear to be part of a traditional Zulu ceremony where dancers intentionally execute a fall.

Zuma marries for the 5th time (images courtesy of

Tobeka Madiba arrives with her bridesmaids

The couple dance and sing

The wedding was held at the village of Nkandla ~ Photograph: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

Zuma performs a “high”

The Following Adapted and edited From Wikipedia : #WhataGem
Personal life

Wives (Let me count the ways – erm wives……..)

Jacob Zuma is a polygamist, has been married five times and has 20 children (this is some time back – 3 new children have emerged, and a recent engagement, oh you should see the pics of that, you’ll fall over)

  1. Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo, whom he met in 1959 and married shortly after his release from prison in 1973. She lives at his home at Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. They have no children.
  2. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a cabinet minister since 1999, with whom he had four children, Msholozi (born 1982), Gugu (born 1987), Thuli (born 1988) and Thuthi (born 1990). They divorced in June 1998.
  3. Kate Mantsho, from Mozambique, with whom he had five children, Saady (born 1980), twins Duduzile and Duduzane (born 1984), Phumzile (born 1989) and Vusi (born 1993). She committed suicide on 8 December 2000.
  4. Nompumelelo Ntuli (MaNtuli), married on 8 January 2008. Ntuli, born 1975, is a resident of KwaMaphumulo near Stanger and has two children with ZumaThandisiwe, born 2002, and Sinqobile, born February 2006.
  5. Thobeka Stacey Madiba (born Mabhija, her mother’s name), married 4 January 2010 with whom he has one child. Zuma paid lobola to her clan in 2007. Their child was born in October 2007. She has another of Zuma’s out-of-wedlock children living with her. Mabhija grew up in Umlazi, where she matriculated at Umlazi Commercial High School. She has worked at Standard Bank, Ithala, Cell C and SA Homeloans in La Lucia (VERY upmarket Suburb near Durban KZN)

Fiancées (Few more of them as well, since he got engaged a few weeks ago to a Bank Teller from Durban)

  1. Zuma paid 10 cattle as lobolo for Swazi Princess Sebentile Dlamini in 2002
  2. Lobola has been paid for Gloria Bongekile Ngema, with whom he has a 3-year-old son.

Other children – a few more have emerged but he is “taking responsibility for his actions” <- at the expense of the taxpayer of course, as we work to support his household and R65 million refurbishments to one of his homes…

  • He has another son, Edward, with Minah Shongwe, sister of Judge Jeremiah Shongwe, who asked to be recused from Zumas rape trial because of the liaison.
  • He has two daughters, born January 18, 1998 and September 19, 2002, with Pietermaritzburg businesswoman Nonkululeko Mhlongo.
  • There are reports of four other children – three from a woman from Johannesberg and one from a woman from Richard’s Bay.

2009 ‘love-child’

In January 2010 the The Sunday Times reported that Sonono Khoza, the daughter of Irvin Khoza, gave birth to Zuma’s 20th child on October 8 2009, a daughter called Thandekile Matina Zuma.

  • Zuma reaction
    • On February 3, Zuma responded, confirming that the child was his, and that he had paid inhlawulo, acknowledging paternity. He protested the publishing of the child’s name, saying it was illegal exploitation of the child. He denied that the incident had relevance to the government’s AIDS programme, and appealed for privacy.On February 6, Zuma said he “deeply regretted the pain that he caused to his family, the ANC, the alliance and South Africans in general”.
  • Sonono Khoza reaction
    • The mother of the child said: “What baby are you talking about? I have two children. They are in school. These are people’s lives. Let me be,” she told the Sowetan.
  • Presidency reaction
    • The office of the presidency’s comment was that it was a private matter.
  • ANC reaction
    • The ANC defended Zuma, saying it saw no links between its policies on HIV/Aids and Mr Zuma’s personal life.On February 5, the ANC acknowledged the widespread disapproval by saying that the experience had “taught us many valuable lessons”, and they had listened to the people.[
    • ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, said “We are Africans and sitting here all of us, Zuma is our father so we are not qualified to talk about that”.  Malema said the ANCYL would emphasise its HIV programme and “one boyfriend, one girlfriend” stance in an awareness campaign across the country.
    • ANC Women’s League deputy president Nosipho Dorothy
      Ntwanambi said: “it is not right to have an extramarital affair if you have committed to yourself to a marriage. But under the Customary Marriages Act, if the first wife agrees, and if all these issues are discussed with her, we can’t do anything.(HOWEVER BIGAMY IS ESSENTIALLY ILLEGAL IN SOUTH AFRICA)
    • COSATU, an ANC alliance partner, passed no judgment but hoped that it will be “a matter on Zuma’s conscience” Zavi reiterated Zuma’s appeal this week that the president be accorded his “right to privacy” and the child protected from undue publicity.
  • Opposition reaction
    • Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance said Zuma
      contradicted his public message of safe sex to South Africans, among the worst sufferers of AIDS She said it was wrong to say it was purely a private matter, and elected public officials had to embody the principles and values for which they stand.
    • The African Christian Democratic Party said Zuma was undermining the government’s drive to persuade people to practise safe sex to combat HIV and Aids.
    • The Congress of the People (COPE) said Zuma could no longer use African cultural practices to justify his “promiscuity”.
    • Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille, said Zuma was
      asking people “to do as I say and not as I do”.

Zuma and Zimbabwe – Yup! He appears to be Bob’s big Mate!!

The African National Congress, of which Zuma is now president, historically has considered the ZANU-PF party a natural ally, born out of mutual struggle against white oppression. South African president Thabo Mbeki has never publicly criticised Mugabe’s policies – preferring “quiet diplomacy” rather than “megaphone diplomacy,” his term for the harsh Western condemnations of Mugabe’s leadership. However, the left of the party and extra-party organisations such as the ANC Youth League, the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) have advocated for a tougher stance on Zimbabwe It is from these organisations that Zuma derives his support.

Zuma’s stance on Zimbabwe has been mixed. In a 2006 interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, he expressed more sympathetic sentiments towards Mugabe, saying that “Europeans often ignore the fact that Mugabe is very popular among Africans. In their eyes, he has given blacks their country back after centuries of colonialism.” He continued: “The people love him, so how can we condemn him? Many in Africa believe that there is a racist aspect to European and American criticism of Mugabe. Millions of blacks died in Angola, the Republic of Congo and Rwanda. A few whites lost their lives in Zimbabwe, unfortunately, and already the West is bent out of shape.”

However, by December 2007, he was more forthright in criticising Zimbabwe’s leadership, increasingly defining his own policy in contrast to that of Mbeki:

It is even more tragic that other world leaders who witness repression pretend it is not happening, or is exaggerated. When
history eventually deals with the dictators, those who stood by and watched should also bear the consequences. A shameful quality of the modern world is to turn away from injustice and ignore the hardships of others.

Zuma criticized Mbeki, accusing him of being lenient on dictators.

Following the disputed elections in Zimbabwe on 29 March 2008, he became critical of the election process in Zimbabwe referring to delays in the outcome as
“suspicious”. In a press conference on 24 June, he asserted: “We cannot agree
with ZANU-PF. We cannot agree with them on values. We fought for the right of
people to vote, we fought for democracy.”At an ANC dinner in July, he rebuked
Mugabe for refusing to step down.

Zuma vs the media

As a backlash to the frenzied media following of his rape trial, Zuma filed a series of defamation lawsuits on 30 June 2006 against various South African media outlets for publishing content that allegedly besmirched his public profile, in the form of cartoons, commentary, photos and parody pieces. The media outlets that came under fire were The Star for R 20 million, Rapport for R10 million, Highveld Stereo for R 6 million, The Citizen for R 5 million, Sunday Sun for R 5 million, Sunday Independent for R 5 million and Sunday World for R 5 million.

Zuma appointed Former Conservative Party MP advocate Jurg Prinsloo, as well as Wycliffe Mothuloe to tackle his so-called “crucifixion by the media”. Zuma said:

“For a period of five years my person has been subjected to all types of allegations and innuendo, paraded through the media and other
corridors of influence without these allegations having being tested. I have
thereby been denied my constitutional right to reply and defend myself.”, 29
June 2005.

The response from the challenged media was highly critical, and written protests to various media outlets accused Zuma of challenging their freedom of speech.

Zuma was parodied further in an advertisement for Pronto Condoms, using his famous shower statement.

Political positions

Remarks on same-sex marriage – ZUMA IS HOMOPHOBIC

Zuma was criticised by gay and lesbian groups after he criticised same-sex marriage at a Heritage Day celebration on 24 September 2006 in Stanger, saying that same-sex marriage was “a disgrace to the nation and to God”: “When I was growing up, an ungqingili (a homosexual) would not have stood in front of me. I would knock him out.”

The Joint Working Group (a gay lobby organisation) questioned Zuma’s leadership skills and stated that a “true leader leads with intellect and wisdom — not popularity or favour. How can a narrow-minded person like this be expected to lead our nation?”  Zuma subsequently apologised to those who were offended by the statement,stating, “I also respect, acknowledge and applaud the sterling contribution of many gay and lesbian compatriots in the struggle that brought about our freedom, and the role they continue to play in the building of a successful non-racial, non-discriminatory South Africa.”

Remarks on Western Sahara

Habib Defouad, Morocco‘s ambassador to South Africa, criticized Zuma’s support for the independence of Western Sahara in June 2007.The ANC has since the 1970s supported the Sahrawi independence movement Front Polisario, under both Mandela and Mbeki. In 2004 South Africa recognized the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, or SADR, as a legitimate government-in-exile.

Remarks on teenage pregnancy

Zuma’s solution to pregnancy in South African teenagers is to confiscate their babies and have the mothers taken to colleges and “forced” to obtain degrees.

(I’m sure he bore this in mind when he was raping errrr alleging raping that other young lass who
was HIV positive – and for which he was acquitted – of course

Remarks on the Second Coming

Zuma also drew censure from religious and secular groups alike when he declared that the ANC would rule South Africa until the return of JesusChrist, and that its continued governance was just what God wanted:

God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. It is even blessed in Heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our city when we are
ruling the country.

Zuma later defended his remarks by describing them as a “political expression”: “Talking about Jesus is not abusing his name; it’s actually saying historically, ‘This is what the ANC is all about.’ It’s just a political expression that we are strong and will be strong for a long time. I want to apologise if this reality sits uncomfortably with others.” He added that he had been baptised and knew Jesus: “I fear God […. I]t’s not because I’m despising God, not at all.”

Fact of the matter is that there is and has been talk of Christmas and Easter being “erased” from the South African Calendars because they represent Christianity #FACT

Remarks on Afrikaners

Not long before the NPA dropped its corruption case against him, Zuma met with controversy once again. Speaking at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, whose Afrikaans community he was addressing (not, he claimed, for electioneering purposes), Zuma said,

Of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word.

Up to this day, they don’t carry two passports; they carry one. They are here to stay. <

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