Well up to 2 weeks ago less than 50% of total Tickets had been sold – FINALLY South Africans have been given the go ahead to buy WC2010 tickets

The Witness.

Before going into this post I must just state that recently it was reported that international ticket sales were horribly disappointing, due to a number of factors… In fact less than 50% of tickets were sold, with people from the Uninted Kingdom having to fork out well over R105000 for a 2 week trip – and that didn’t include the major games…. That R105000 is roughtly what an average person would earn in about 5 years!!!!

Other facts besides the overt and very public threats of violence, theft and robbery of the very tourists we are trying to attract are:

1. The pre-fixed escalation of accommodation and airfares/travelling 2. the ridiculous prices of the tickets and 3. the fact that S Africans were not allowed to purchase tickets – they had to wait until 2 weeks ago to be allowed to make an APPLICATION for the purchase of tickets…. Now tell me this country is run by intelligent people… Now they cannot sell tickets and expect S Africans to fill the stadiums – which they will… or at least purchase the $20 tickets for onsale to desperate overseas tourists…

JOHANNESBURG — Fédération Internationale de Football Association general secretary Jérôme Valcke has revealed that ticket prices for South African residents will be slashed to ensure that all matches at the 2010 World Cup finals are sold out.

Following disappointing sales to overseas supporters, category two and three tickets will be changed to category four, which can be sold only to South African residents for about $20.

Quoted in The Telegraph, Valcke said: “We will increase the number of category four tickets because we cannot have a situation where the World Cup is in South Africa and people cannot see matches.

“This will bring less income to Fifa, but we have already brought in the income we need to match the organising committee budget, which is $423 million.”

Valcke believes airline and travel companies are partly to blame for the number of unsold tickets.

“I think that we are facing a peak time, where companies feel that they can apply the highest level of pricing,” he said.

“We want to ensure that football fans can afford to travel to South Africa.

“It is clear that people have decided that because it is the World Cup, they will ask the highest amount possible to maximise income, but it doesn’t work today.

“They forget that it is a long distance to travel to South Africa. You need to stay for more than a few days, so they have to make offers that the fans can afford.”

Valcke also admitted that mistakes have been made in granting agency Match exclusive rights to sell travel and ticket packages for South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014.

“We have good lessons to learn from 2010, and they will help us in 2014,” he said.

“We will have to sell the tickets to fans direct. We will think about setting up Fifa ticketing centres around the world.”

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