Read an E-Book Week – E-Book and E-Reader Information

Read an E-Book Week – E-Book and E-Reader Information.

Welcome to Read an E-Book Week!
Read an E-Book Week is here! And what a year it will be!

Take a good look around the website. It’s packed with new information as well as great information from last year.


E-book information and free e-books define Read an E-Book Week. From March 7-13th major e-book retailers and authors offer free, or deeply discounted e-books for the event. These e-books will be available in the E-Book Store. Many of our participants have free, or discounted e-books throughout the year, so please return often to see what is available.

An Interview with Cory Doctorow
Thanks to one of the many Meet the Media Guru events organized in Milan, digital strategist and writer Sara Rosso had an opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Cory Doctorow. Here is and excerpt of that interview – E-books, DRM and Universal Formats.
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“E-books and electronic reading have gone mainstream”.

You know this statement is true when you hear the stewardess ask passengers to turn off all electronic devices “…including electronic book readers…”

The list of e-book readers continues to grow, and new technologies—thanks to E Ink— make these devices more durable and easier to read in all lighting situations.
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Pocket book ereader

Read an E-Book Week Contest – We have two winners of the Read an E-Book Week contests. We have posted the winner, and the runner-up’s, replies.

The Future of E-books

Warren Adler, veteran author and playwright, is a long time supporter of e-books. Here are his predictions for the future of e-books:
“… The SONY launch was the opening gun in the e-book juggernaut. Then came Kindle and it is now apparent that every major electronic company is jumping into the fray with both digital feet….”
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PocketBook E-Reader – review of new PocketBook E-Reader.
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calibre – What Can It Do For E-Books?
One of the major hurdles to widespread e-book adoption today is the large number of mutually incompatible e-book formats and reading devices.
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Innovation and the Future of e-Books, by John W. Warren. According to Mr. Warren, the future of e-books may include hypertext novels.
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QBook – the read-aloud, colour e-book reader for children. Learn more …

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Benefits of E-Books

“I love ebooks for several reasons: mobility, saving space, convenience, saving money and time, and ease-of-use.”
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E-Books and the Environment
You see and hear the buzz words everywhere—carbon footprint, environmentally friendly and green. We’re encouraged to buy, use and dispose with the environment in mind. While it’s easy to recognize the negative impact of excess packaging and chemical content in many of the products we purchase, it’s not so easy when it comes to reading material.
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