Man Dogs – Kandahar, Afghanistan 15 March 2010 @michael_Yon

Michael Yon was in the military and subsequently maintained close contact with friends and colleagues who made the military their career. Read More about Michael and how this project is funded here (and yes I DO drool at his picture)

I follow Michael on Twitter, in Facebook and via his website for regular and accurate updates #TellingItLikeIts – his images are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful although simultaneously tragic.

After befriending a number of members of the military from various countries, most notably the US Marine Corps, I follow closely Michael’s updated via the social media sites and also via email updates.  I would recommend that anyone who has an interest in world affairs follow Michael’s no-nonsense reporting tactics, factual information – and again the images bring it home to us that these brave men and women out there are definitely not living the life of Riley.

His website and blog, and all text and photographs contained therein are Copyright Michael Yon 2009/2010 . Any reproduction without authorization will be considered copyright infringement and will be pursued.

Latest Post – Man Dogs.

While Michael’s work is truly independent, readers keep his boots on the ground and can support the work three ways.

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