Dealing Drugs and Child Sodomised At Pietermaritzburg School – Headmaster does NOTHING again..

I received the following message from a very concerned parent via blog post and email and feel that I should re-post since it contains important information and highlights the plight of education in South Africa. It may also benefit other parents facing similar predicaments. Please feel free to contact me, we WILL find a solution to the problems facing our children today. Sadly the Education Department is in such a mess and with more mass action threatened by educators there is simply no control. Added to the fact that the “public school curriculum” gets changed annually by the Department of Education (which is in so much financial trouble that many of the teachers are not receiving their monthly salaries for months on end until it ends in violent protests and strikes)

Recently a spokesperson for the Department of Education was thrllled at the 33% pass rate in schools >- uhhh yeah okay then!! clearly we’ve lost the plot!

We simply cannot take chances with the lives – and yes this is not just about the education – we are taking chances with the LIVES of our children…..

cleanlines has left a new comment on your post “Child Sodomised At Pietermaritzburg School – Headm…“:

Hi Donnette,

I came across your blog after googling Northern Park – What a shocking story this is – I seem to remember a child being caught dealing drugs there last year.. I’m currently looking for a school to send my daughter to in Maritzburg – private school and home-schooling are not an option as I work full-time – if you have any advice (I know it’s a bit of a cheek) but I’d be most grateful.. Wendy

Posted by cleanlines to Donnette Davis at 17 March 2010 4:00:00 AM PDT

My reply:

Hi Wendy, not a cheek at all, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

This is an older post I posted some years back after a number of really violent attacks at this same school which as you know, is in the Northern Suburbs, and was once considered a really “eligible” school.

I’m afraid the news is not good. There are no schools that I would recommend in the PMB area that are not faced with serious challenges similar to the one you have mentioned, and/or rape/sodomy, or even parent confrontation and violence towards the teachers if they discipline a child. It is happening constantly and I don’t think I’m too far off the mark to say it’s a daily occurrence at least in one of the schools in the area.

Out of Private institutions the cheaper option, and there is still some discipline and standard, I would suggest Epworth. I choose this simply because it IS the cheapest private school that I investigated.

The other option is to make application (and I would suggest that this happens quickly) to Laddsworth Primary School in Hilton. It is still a small-ish school, so far no serious problems, classes are around 22-25. But one round trip would be around 60 KM – therefore 120 KM travelling a day which would be a problem if you are in PMB, but offer a brilliant aftercare facility.

Athlone Primary School used to be a top-notch school also but the prices are, like most public schools, almost prohibitive, theft is rampant there as with anywhere and there was, last time I checked a waiting-list of about 3 years.

Very often we find that the administrators or Body Corporates have not moved with the times and that the “minority” end up subsidising the “majority” – so you end up paying for every single pencil or piece of paper (that you supplied in any event) 5000 times a term.

I know this is not the information that you would want to read but in all honestly, I HAVE investigated the education system widely not only in KZN but in SA and speak from a place of personal horrific experience.

Please feel free to contact me via email, and I will give you more information and possibly a few more suggestions as to how to get around this difficulty.

Bottom line is that within a public school situation the child is receiving on average ONE HOUR instruction a week, the rest of the time is taken up doing things that do not form part of learning curriculum. Intimidation and serious theft is something you will find in all of the schools. Only the severity differs.

Homeschooling allows for as many hours a day or night as you and/or your child can put in to it. There is curriculum available, although I do not endorse any of those available for personal reasons, also after thorough investigation.

My daughter works according to a curriculum we have created and I use the UK Maths Curriculum (Which I can let you have for free) which is in any event 2-3 years ahead of SA Maths. We focus on what interests her and create unit studies, do testing, she is “fun” learning 12+ hours a day.

Sadly our education problems for 2010 have only just commenced, with educators threatening more strikes etc – we all remember what happened a few years ago during the matric trials and the fatalities, injuries and assaults, intimidation etc. that were caused.

PLEASE get in touch with me via email and I will give you my contact numbers and I’ll provide you with as much information as I possibly can to help you make an informed decision that works for you and your family.

I’m going to transfer this post also to my WordPress blog.

Wishing you the best of everything Wendy, I don’t doubt we’ll get this sorted out for you šŸ™‚


17 March 2010 8:03:00 AM PDT

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  1. You can read more on the escalating horrors of the public school system in South Africa at

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