The Face Of Hate In South Africa – COME DIE FOR ME… | Care2 Share

The Face Of Hate In South Africa – COME DIE FOR ME… | Care2 Share.


Mar 23, 2010
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Boycott
Location: South Africa

Julius Malema

Pledge to Boycott South Africa as a tourist destination
Pledge to Boycott the World Soccer Cup in South Africa
Pledge to Boycott investment in South Africa

Malema and Oprah
Julius Malema will lead South Africa into Civil Conflict



Julius Malema Hate Speeches – Lands him in the Equality Court
On Monday, the Equality Court’s magistrate Colleen Collis found Malema’s statement that President Jacob Zuma’s rape accuser had a “nice time”, was irresponsible, superfluous and demeaning to women.

This was after a complaint by the Sonke Gender Justice Network.

Malema was ordered to apologise unconditionally within two weeks of the judgment and pay R50,000 to People Opposing Women Abuse (Powa), a shelter for abused women.  Read more….

……it served a second complaint against him and the ANC arising from his alleged singing of “shoot the boers – they are rapists”.  Read more…

Both Malema and the ANC now have ten days in which to respond to the complaint.

Censor Malema, says IFP  (Inkatha Freedom Party – Zulus)
Mar 12, 2010 12:38 PM | By Sapa
The ANC’s decision to defend youth leader Julius Malema for singing “shoot the boers, they are rapists” will cause untold harm to South Africa’s reconciliation efforts, says the IFP.   Read more….

There is already a staggering onslaught on farmers.  Read more…


Malema accused of promoting farm attacks
Published in: Legalbrief Today
Date: Tue 16 March 2010
Category: General
Issue No: 2521

The Freedom Front Plus is preparing a report on farm murders – and Julius Malema’s alleged role in these attacks – for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, says a report on the News24 site.

This follows a flood of accusations against the ANC Youth League leader after the latest attack in KZN. Four men were detained yesterday in connection with the attack which left a farmer seriously wounded and his wife dead in Colenso.

‘It is our belief that this senseless attack was incited by the proliferation of hate speech that is the hallmark of ANCYL president Julius Malema,’ said DA spokesperson on safety, Sizwe Mchunu. He said Malema’s song ‘dubula ibhunu’ (kill the boer) translated directly to a call for white people to be killed. ‘There can be no place in our democratic country for provocative language of this kind,’ he said. This is the third attack on farmers in one weekend. On Saturday night, a 46-year-old farmer was shot through his bedroom window while sleeping and on Friday, 65-year-old Jan Wheeler was murdered outside Marble Hall in Limpopo. Advocate Anton Alberts, of the Freedom Front Plus, said, as an influential youth leader, Malema created an atmosphere in which ‘reckless thoughts and actions flourished’.

Full report on the News24 site
See also a report in Die Burger (Afrikaans only)

Independent political commentator Moeletsi Mbeki is quoted in Rapport as saying Malema is calling for the genocide of Afrikaners. The report notes that the Human Rights Commission has received 26 individual complaints by last Friday. In North West, 186 farmers have indicated that they are about to lay complaints with the HRC. Mbeki said ‘there is absolutely no justification for the call for genocide of a specific group’. He said the ANC’s failure to discipline Malema should be seen against the backdrop of infighting within the ruling alliance.
Full report in Rapport (Afrikaans only)


Pretoria — The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) has expressed concern at the number of farm attacks within the country costing the economy a lot of money.

By making use of the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure of R2.4 trillion of 2009, a 3.22 percent contribution of agriculture to GDP and an estimated 39 982 farms in the country, the cost of farm attacks to the economy is R1 932 869 a year.

“This estimate assumes a permanent loss of the farming unit. Assuming that there is only a temporary loss of productivity of the farming unit, the loss to GDP is an estimated R161 072 per month. This is a modest, conservative approach to the impact of farm attacks on economic output,” the Chamber said.

It is by no means a comprehensive estimate of economic impact of the attacks on farms or the direct, indirect and opportunity costs of such farm attacks, explained the Chamber. Read more….


Jacob Zuma (president of South Africa) and Julius Malema

This is the man who is doing all he can to be the next president of South Africa.  In fact – he is already pulling all of Jacob Zuma’s (current South African President) strings.  Malema is president of the South African ANC Youth League.  The ANC is the ruling political party in South Africa.  Jacob Zuma (South African President) refuses to discipline Julius Malema….  Jacob Zuma recently pleaded with Britain to raise sanctions against his buddy, Mugabe of Zimbabwe.


Julius Malema endangering the lives of South African reporters
The South African reporters who exposed Malema’s holdings in huge companies and his alleged tender fraud and SARS alleged tax fraud are now being threatened by Malema – their private details posted all over the internet.

Malema is getting ‘inside help’ to obtain the private details of anyone opposed to him:  Peega was sacked by Sars in 2009 after several charges – including illegal rhino hunting and possession of illegal firearms – were levelled against him.  Peega is one of the people looking for confidential information about journalists and politicians who are critical of Malema’s lifestyle and activity.

Malema has threatened to make a ‘public’ target of any other journalist who dare publish more info on his millionaire lifestyle.  Julius Malema is also currently being investigated by the South African Revenue Services – for failure to pay Income tax on various issues for the last two years.

Malema – White Boers (farmers) are out to get me
ANC Youth League president Julius Malema believes “white boer” journalists are conspiring against him, 702 Eye Witness News reported on Monday.
* Zuma: Muzzle Malema? No!
* Mandela to Malema: A history of firebrands

Addressing young people at a Human Rights Day rally in Mafikeng, Malema criticised what he called “white boer” journalists and claimed they had a vendetta against him.  Read more….


Julius Malema and his rabble rousing followers on FaceBook

Julius Malema is on FaceBook.  Below a screen snapshot of a wall post from one of his supporters.

Malema supporter comment FaceBook

DividerHelen Zille,  Western Cape, South Africa Premier – Democratic Alliance vs.  Julius Malema  – watch the video…

Helen Zille Note: The Western Cape is the only province in South Africa where the ANC lost at the polls – they are working frantically to ‘take back’ the Western Cape at the next general elections….

Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, is suing ANCYL President, Julius Malema after he accused her of “suffering from Satanism”. Malema claimed that Zille was responsible for the demolition of churches in Khayelitsha. Zille has denied demolishing any churches and giving any instruction to do so.   watch the video…

Malema vs Helen Zille


Malema – if you don’t vote for Zuma you are against us…

Does Malema think he is the wonderchild of Zanu PF in neighbouring Zimbabwe?  Well, yes….  Mugabe must love him!

Malema friend of Jacob Zuma
Malema turning on his own people – who died in the freedom fight

Malema and Pac


2 Responses to “The Face Of Hate In South Africa – COME DIE FOR ME… | Care2 Share”

  1. We live the same fate, with Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma, that ridiculous convicted criminal who was our Minister of Health, internationally ridiculed and known as Dr Beetroot before her demise and death…

    While the likes of Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma (who tends to lose track of how many wives and children he has and whose big mate is Bob Mugabe) continue to lead this once proud and beloved nation, a wealthy country whichever way you look at it, down the path of destruction, destitution and while the pathetically poor and embattled economy continues to crack under the weight of having to support these clowns in their antics, THERE IS NO HOPE!

    AND LET ME STATE THIS UPFRONT…. THIS THREAT OF CIVIL WAR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH APARTHEID – NOT A THING – THIS IS A CULTURAL CLASH BETWEEN FACTIONS MUCH AS WAS EXPERIENCED DURING THE LATE 80’S AND 90’S – the minority have been outsted and they therefore have no say over the politics, decisions or antics of this country..

    The decisions are taken away from the very people who put the Clowns into power, they too have no say over anything. They were promised “One Settler One Bullet” and that they would then make the minority population extinct (forgetting that the minority population contributed and developed the country into one of the wealthiest in the world) – There has been a promise of civil war since before the April Elections in 2009. My only surprise is that it has not happened sooner. Look at South Africa TODAY AS IT IS….

    1. Durban has all but closed down due to violence and protests, all campuses and major educational institutions are shut – violence has taken over the “Holiday Capital of Africa”.

    2. Johannesburg and Pretoria – well there have been violent protests about one thing or the other for so long now, the only difference is that it is worsening, every day there is something more to protests about, maybe another wife for JZ, (or a few more children all supported by the State) maybe another ridiculous sexist or racial comment by Salema, maybe another unfulfilled promise of free housing to the masses who appointed them into positions of authority (While JZ spends another R65 million on refurbishing ONE of his houses)… they may just be protesting because of the usual taxi violence that has plagued the country for a decade, and will continue to do so as long as the Government turns a blind eye to the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes “Taxi War Crimes” are amongst the most violent in that they also take place in the city centres, NOTWITHSTANDING the fact that the Government decided to provide a substantial amount of money that was taken from the already over-burdened “minority” taxpayer to subsidise the Taxi Owners so that they can sport new Mercedes Buses instead of taxis – since we have no official public transport system in South Africa.

    3. Cape Town is considered one of the safest cities in the country for visitors and tourists – BUT IT IS NOT SAFE! SAFER does not mean SAFE! The WC visitors to South Africa have been publicly (televised) promised by a well known criminal from within his jail cell who operates his syndicate that “WE WILL TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS FROM THE TOURISTS”…..

    4. Look at SAA and FIFA, all Government owned and all in dire financial straits, price fixing for the World Cup. Ticket sales were so poor due to the horrendous and prohibitive costs that eventually they will allow South Africans to actually purchase tickets, just to fill the stadiums (which have yet to be paid for) – I think the date is 15 April 2010 that residents of this country can actually purchase a ticket to a WC match without having to go through a vetting and application process…. VIVA SOUTH AFRICA!


    As a former *very* liberal South African I, along with many millions of others, have learnt the hard way. We know that Eskom is corrupt, and bankrupt but Government Owned so they have the monopoly and use threats of power outages which leave entire cities in darkness fro between 3 to 18 hours at a time. We Know the same with Telkom, also Government Owned – both amongst the highest costing (to the consumer) “basic” service providers in the world. Both redistribute their services and will do so during the WC leaving the paying residents without services so that they can put on the “GOOD” face of South Africa…. (Uh we don’t get credits for these outages BTW)

    South Africa has the highest crime statistics in the world. The last OFFICIAL stats released are over 2 years old.

    There are NO reconciliation efforts taking place in South Africa. The MInority nations are not welcome here – nor are they welcome anywhere else in the world. I know this – I have experienced it first hand. This is why our children leave as soon as they can, this is why we homeschool our children. The Minority is subsidising the Majority – and the likes of Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma, while we battle to scrape up enough pennies to put a plate of food on the table for our children, because as a person in the “minority” I cannot and do not receive a child support grant and jobs are not provided to those applicants on merit, but on the 93% majority that HAVE to be placed….

    I pray for you Eureka, I pray for all South Africans..But most of all I pray that our children will one day have the chance to leave this country and grow up in a safe environment where they can get quality education without fear of being raped, stabbed or worse (and actually get taught) where we can go to a shopping mall without fear of armed robbery, wehre we can actually park our motor vehicles somewhere knowing that it will more than likely be there when we return.

    There’s my rant.. I have a blog specifically for ranting on current affairs in South Africa.. They try to hide what the world NEEDS to see….

    With love, thoughts and best wishes to you and yours!

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