Warning on human trafficking, @News24, SouthAfrica #WorldCup

Credit source with thanks: Warning on human trafficking: News24: SouthAfrica: News.

Johannesburg – Church leaders on Tuesday urged communities to be aware of human trafficking ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

“Countering trafficking in persons requires formation in communities and awareness-raising, especially considering the 2010 World Cup,” National Church Leaders said in a statement.

Church leaders across Christian denominations called for unity after they met in Stellenbosch for a two-day gathering.

They agreed to work together to meet President Jacob Zuma and government officials.

“Church Leaders called for a greater unity in concern for the dignity of all in South Africa, in action to build a better society and in joint action as part of the world community,” read a statement issued by the leaders.

They expressed concern over the situation in Haiti, which was hit by an earthquake last week.

The leaders hail from the Methodist Church, the Apostolic Faith Mission, the Nazareth Baptist Church, the Salvation Army, the International Federation of Christian Churches, the Presbyterian Church of Africa, the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, the Zionist Christian Church, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference and others.

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