Say no to Eskom! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION – #Eskom is ruining #SouthAfrica


Eskom is about to win a giant loan from the World Bank to build a massive coal plant. We have just days to stop this disastrous plan, which would lock South Africa in to a dirty-energy economy. Let’s tell the World Bank board that South Africa wants clean energy, not coal — sign the petition now:

Sign the Petition!
Sign the Petition!

PLEASE!! All my contacts in Twitter, Facebook, and any other Social Media sites, please PLEASE read this post and share and post – but most importantly, please take 2 minutes to sign this petition which can and will affect every single South African adversely if the proposed R29 billion loan to Eskom is approved. Eskom will have NO WAY of repaying this loan. Eskom is all but bankrupt, as is the rest of the country. This will be a national disaster. Don’t let the South African Run Corporations destroy even further what used to be a well-loved and prosperous country.

If anyone has ever read any of my posts on Eskom, Telkom and/or the South African Government and the corruption within you will realise that this country is practically bankrupt as a result of mismanagement, corruption, theft. It has become impossible to live here, and impossible to leave. With Eskom’s constant scheduled power outages countrywide (the schedules of which are not disclosed) sections of South Africa are left without the very basic services that are promised in the Constitution and for which we are paying an extremely high monthly fee – amongst the highest in the world.

In Durban alone a doctor is running his surgery by candlelight, reported on the news on 30 March 2010. During last week the city of Pietermaritzburg erupted into violent protests with angry residents of this small city taking to the streets, burning barricades and placing the lives of innocent people in danger as the police and Eskom disconnected essential power cables. The Pietermaritzburg Municipality purchases power through Eskom and the entire Municipality, bar a few, have been dismissed from their posts for corruption, fraud, mismanagement and theft, this includes the Mayor. While new persons have been appointed in a temporary capacity, their ability to remedy the shambles that this once thriving city is in, will take years to rectify. Known as “The City of Choice”, Pietermaritzburg us Capital of KwaZulu-Natal and it is simply not safe to drive the 4 kilometres from one end of this small city to the other. It also ranks as having one of the highest crime rates in South Africa, which in turn has recently been awarded the dubious title of having the “Highest Crime Rate In the World:”…

With your support and your help, we can at least try to prevent further price hikes by this corrupt Government organisation. Their threats of further power outages have affected the entire economy of the country, and they simply disconnect power supply if their constant demands are not met.

If they are afforded this loan, it will place a further burden on the man in the street in South Africa who at this stage is paying more than half of the average monthly income on services which are not being received – if the man in the street is fortunate enough to have employment.

Please stand together, stand with the few remaining citizens of South Africa who actually care enough to try and make a difference for those who are unable to.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION… It will take literally 2 minutes of your time… PLEASE!!

Thank you so much for reading the email below that I have received from Avaaz, an independent impartial humanitarian aid organisation that works for the betterment of all throughout the world.

Best wishes

” In just days, the World Bank will vote on a proposed R29 billion loan to Eskom to build the fourth-largest coal plant in the world

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