Internationally Recognised Trauma Counselling Courses -DSM 5 Criteria -Trauma Training Online

While I do not endorse nor advertise and horror of horrors would hate to spam my own blog, I would seriously recommend any qualified or interested South African to have a look at some form of accredited Trauma Training, more particularly given the explosive situation presently gripping the country – and things are NOT going to get better.

This is one option, there are many others. At some stage every South African has been directly or indirectly affected by violent crime in one way or another… While we may well have “coped” there are many others that may require some form of counselling…

Benefit from the best available trauma expertise in the world. Access quality training. And earn professional credits internationally. The course materials are free to download, you will only be required to make payment once you write the examinations – for a list of countries (and the various disciplines) in which your courses are recognised please visit this site.

Again I reiterate, I do not endorse nor am I advertising this organization although it IS accredited with HPCSA and SACSSP – and you will earn credits that are recognised internationally – I am merely suggesting it is worth looking into Trauma Training…. you may be able to help to save someone’s sanity – or someone’s life!

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