Don’t Fly South African Airways – DEDICATED WEBSITE – why you SHOULDN’T FLY SAA

Don’t Fly South African Airways.

Brilliant Website with TRUE stories…  and we can all identify with them… hats off to the webmaster who created this…

I am a frequent flyer – was with SAA – even Standard Bank stopped their Voyager Miles with SAA.. I prefer Squishy Virgin, Awesome Air Namibia, Horror of Horrors BA, but my absolute favourite airline, and one which I have used on many, many occasions over the last few years is Emirates….

SAA – no point in complaining, if they don’t understand what you’re saying they put the phone down or simply close the hatch and start eating their lunch…

Theft? oh wowowow!! I won’t even start there…

BRILLIANT SITE!  And here I quote from it, check the links below the quotes, well worth reading!

Why do I bother? Just another dissatisfied customer

This little project I started some years ago has gone through various stages of research and development. When I originally started the website I was very cross and upset, and as usual like most Afrikaners, without thinking the project through I just jumped in. Without any knowledge of the internet, web design, search engines and all the associated I used some help guides on the internet and created a website that I thought would set the world ablaze. I was wrong. Nothing happened. Most of the traffic I received was from friends and family that had a good giggle at my expence. But things change, and after spending almost two years on the internet learning daily, I am committed to change and renew the website now again.

My story isn’t unique. South African Airways have now built up a solid reputation as an airline that gets luggage stolen. It isn’t just me that say so, it is thousands of people across the world who have experienced this rubbish approach from the South African Airways. I will get more details when I address the facts around luggage theft on a different page. So am I doing here? Well, I have started this little research project now, and as I have collated so much data I have to try and get that displayed without getting any of my emotions involved. People that visit and read this data do not want to be confronted with a lot of insults aimed at SAA. No, they would like to know what facts I have accumulated and where I found them. Is these things I am saying about South African Airways true, or am I lying? And that is why I bother.

Companies like South African Airways have a responsibility to the customers that pay for the services they receive. And if the conditions, service or customer communication channels constantly fail, well then this is what happens. Reading through brand surveys and the damage that can be caused by little websites and little people it will take some time before SAA sits up and take notice. A fellow compatriot of mine, Justin Hartman has also devoted a domain name to South African Airways, in the form of SAASUCKS. The problem both Justin and I face as I found out later is all in relation to the keywords and where South African Airways get their traffic from. Although locally people know the South African Airways as SAA, most of the traffic to the South African Airways site originates from the keywords “SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS”. And although this website have ranked very high when you entered the search term “FLY SAA” it never made a dent in the SAA and their so called monopoly on the keywords “South African Airways”. Thus, I try again.

Someone else with an issue

South African Airways upsetting customers?

What do I want? What is the result I hope to achieve with this website. With what I have learnt in the last two years or so I now have the ability to generate traffic to visit this website constantly. efore i shut the existing site down on 5 April 2010, my Alexa rank for the last two weeks was 20k in South Africa, and 751 000 on Alexa worldwide. So, in a way I have damaged my own site by not doing any 301 directs and getting the new site fixed before I go live. But, time heals all wounds. I want the South African Airways to start doing better. I want to see that less complaints are generated and that the theft of luggage stops at the airports controlled by the South African Airways. Some of the reasons the SAA give is that the company controlling their airports are responsible. Fair enough. The South African Government controls the South African Airways, and own the airports. Who gave the contract to ACSA? You did. If they are failing do something about it. Don’t sit there idle and twiddle your thumbs claiming you cannot control it. That is so lame.

The internet has made it possible for terrorist like me to have a say. If I get carried away, you the visitor will pay me no attention. If on the other hand you are faced with links to newspaper reports, documents and commentary of South African Airways users, well then you will have a better understanding and will have the ability to make up your own mind. So without much further ado, welcome to my little website. Please feel free to comment on any of the pages, and any of the posts. The site is set up to allow for interaction and I welcome it. The research continues and the ”ackend” of this website will constantly be filled with any SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS related news.

Theft in South African Airways

Customer Service in SAA

Drugs and SAA

SAA Governance

let’s not forget that SAA was officially R300 million in the red in around 2007 AFTER paying it’s CEO’s “performance Bonuses of R300 million

QUOTING: Fair Trade In South Africa?

The issue here is the aspect about the governance of South African Airways, as it is a state owned company. The taxpayer pays the bills if the company fails, and of course get the benefits if the company makes money. This method of state sponsored airlines have gone out of fashion elsewhere in the world, but South Africa clings to the troubled airline. It was after all one of the flagship companies in the new South Africa that was operating with the distinct policy of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment). I do not have any issues with empowering any one, even the green ment from Mars, but it is contraversial (to say the least) if you use discrimination in your approach. Especially in South Africa, with the coloured and bloody history, rasicm should not enter the frame. I cannot comment on this myself, but have found this item on the South African Airways website, which is definitely worth a look.

In addition, the previous CEO left the company under a cloud of smoke (pot in the office?? ;-) )and the rumours and allegations of all the corrupt and shady dealings, combined with the money the South African Airways wasted in retaining this CEO is amazing. The fact that 2000 people lost their jobs, staff were told to cut back on coffee, and the CEO hiring helicopters to commute sticks in my throat. What an absolute waste, and after all that, still paying the CEO millions when they eventually s ack him, without even consulting the government ministers. It is a complete fiasco. Where will this end?

There are rumours on the internet about safety and safety training amongst the pilots of the South African Airways, and although i have no personal knowledge I have aded some links to some reports I have found online. It is after all relevant that the governors of this company should ensure that all the clients using the service are assured of their support to see us safely on our travels.

The lastest 2010 development has been in realtion to the World Cup and the South African Airways involvement. It seems that there has been some price fixing going on and they have been caught, along with other airlines in Southern Africa with their fingers in the jar. A massive fine to be imposed. It begs to ask if the current board of South African Airwas didn’t think that there would be some scrutiny attached to one of the biggest sporting events in the world. If so, why did you not issue the orders to ensure no one at South African Airways didn’t get involved with any of these issues? Bad publicity again. How much bad publicity can this South African Airline take before it has a very negative impact on everyone in South Africa. It is time for the governors of South African Airways to sit up and take notice of the developments online and realise that company need to address this. Come on South African Airways, socks up.

Here are some links then on the corruption and management I have found online:

Indy Media – Independant media report on South African Airways.
This is Africa – simple report blog style on corruption
All Africa report on government bailout of South African Airways
Business Day – just the facts please – good article on the bailout of SAA
Business Day – another report on the CEO and his activities.
African Executive – report on the state ownded South African Airways
Business Report – previous un competitive behaviour. Because they used to do it, they can still do it. Not fair
Business Air Travel report on the South African Airways being bailed out
Black economic Empowerment – black journalist write an article on the failings of BEE.

This list is by far not a complete breakdown of all the available links, but i have to hold something in reserve hey. The fact that there is so much corruption and mismanagement of South African Airways is not unique to the airline only. There are so many news items which doesn’t get reported in the mainstream media, so people visiting South Africa don’t always get the low down. I have also included a category on independant news of South Africa and get articles from various web resources, specifically blogs. These articles are added to my blog site in the hope that visitors to South Africa realise the danger, and will take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe visit.

4 Responses to “Don’t Fly South African Airways – DEDICATED WEBSITE – why you SHOULDN’T FLY SAA”

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  2. I am frequent flyer and am flying some of my people on my expense between Europe and South Africa. Twice luggage had been lost totally and not recovered once suitcase was opened and camera and other things of value had been removed when opened back in Europe.
    Also my grandchildren as unaccompanied minors had flown to Germany and on arrival were handed over to my daughter without request of ID of any sort. This is not only bad but absolutely irresponsible.
    Furthermore the service as well as food quality is just simply undiscussable. SAA is an airline, that one just does not travel any more under whatever circumstances. It is better to stay in one country, if none other would be available.

  3. My wife is also a frequent flyer. She had been told to speak English and not Afrikaans, although it is the official Language besides English and should be understood by Service personnel on the Aircraft.
    There are so many other obliging Airlines that one does not have to endure this sort of treatment in one’s home country.

  4. internet defamation…

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