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Haitian woman and child

The Haitian people are survivors: despite countless hardships over the years, they have always remained resourceful, dedicated and courageous. But the challenges posed by the January 12 earthquake are of a different magnitude. Three months after this historic disaster, Haitians stand just at the beginning of an enormous task: to reinvent and rebuild their country.

CARE stands with them, now and for the long term. To date we have reached almost 315,000 people – more than five times our original target – with aid such as emergency shelter materials, hygiene supplies, safe water and food. And we’re already planning for the relief and reconstruction effort over the next five years. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for the outpouring of support we’ve received from around the world for this vital work.

Our teams continue to fan out into hard-to-reach areas around
Port-au-Prince, where survivors of the quake are still in need of crucial help. As the rainy and hurricane seasons approach, CARE is rushing materials and expertise to help build sturdy transitional shelters that will weather the rain and winds. We seek to support not just people living in camps, but those who are returning to their original neighborhoods, and those who have been taken in by friends and relatives, many of whom are stretched to the limit themselves.

Over the coming months, as Haitians struggle to resume their livelihoods, CARE is implementing cash-for-work programs, allowing families to earn much-needed income while completing vital cleanup and recovery work. Likewise, we are supporting small-scale farmers – with a priority on women-headed households – with seeds and tools so they can resume planting crops to feed their families.

As always, we place a special focus on the needs of women and vulnerable populations. Our teams of nurses and trained volunteers work tirelessly among the survivors, seeking out pregnant women and new mothers to provide counseling and kits to enable them to give birth safely and care for their newborn babies. CARE has opened a special center for women, including survivors of sexual violence, in Leogane, close to the quake’s epicenter.

CARE has a proud history of partnership with Haitians as they work to improve their lives. We have worked in Haiti since 1954, and we won’t leave until the job is done. We are committing $100 million to help Haitians recover and rebuild stronger than ever. Our goal is nothing less than a healthy, self-sufficient and safe future for this proud nation.

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  2. […] Original post: UPDATE ON HAITI – Get Involved -> #AmericaWants to Help #Haiti … […]

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