Updates: World Loand Bank -> Eskom, Haiti, Uganda, oceans, elephants, and more

Wow! In the last three months, members of the Avaaz network have taken more than two million actions on urgent global issues — signing petitions, sending messages, making phone calls, and donating funds. Our community is growing like wildfire (more than 50,000 people a week!) — and we’ve made an unmistakable difference.

Scroll down for quick updates on some of our recent campaigning. Then keep going to answer a quick survey about what to focus on next.

Coal-Power-Protest.jpgWorld Bank-Eskom loan – in the days before a crucial World Bank vote, more than 12,000 South African Avaaz members petitioned to stop a loan for a massive new coal power plant–helping fuel a nationwide and global campaign against the climate-destroying project.

Unfortunately, the loan went through — a painful defeat. But the outcry made headlines, and it had an impact. These votes are nearly always unanimous. This time, though, a quarter of the votes cast were abstentions — with key countries saying they would never again support such coal projects.

Moreover, the South African government pledged to invest R9 billion of another World Bank loan for emissions reductions projects. And the fight continues: we’ll keep up the scrutiny and pressure as the Eskom plant is built — and work to make sure this is the last coal plant the World Bank ever funds.

Save%20our%20Oceans.jpgSave the oceansa huge win! The UK announced its plan to double the total global area of protected ocean with a massive new conservation zone bigger than Germany and Italy combined. In the public comment period before the decision, Avaaz members contributed more than 85% of the responses, urging a ban on commercial fishing and support for the island peoples’ rights.1 It’s a huge victory, and the Foreign Ministry cited the “over 221,000 responses co-ordinated by Avaaz… from 223 countries” in its announcement.
Elephants – with elephants at risk, 500,000 of us worldwide empowered the African Elephant Coalition with our support — and, after a nail-biting close vote and final push with partners on the ground, won protection for elephants at a UN Endangered Species session. The head of the Species Survival Network said the petition, no doubt, made a difference and helped achieve the right result for elephants everywhere.”

HaitidoctorStanding with Haiti – thousands of us contributed more than US$1.3 million for relief and recovery from the Haitian earthquake, helping outstanding local organizations provide life-saving food, shelter, and medical care for thousands of people, and powered a global push that secured $1 billion in debt relief for Haiti. (Watch the amazing video about our impact in the “Sources” section below).

UgandadeliveryUganda – in an unprecedented show of public opposition to the proposed law that would sentence gay Ugandans to death, Avaaz worked with church leaders and human rights activists to deliver a 450,000-strong petition to the Speaker of Uganda’s parliament in an hour-long meeting and a press conference that made headlines around the country and the world.

Parliament had been expected to begin debate in February

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  2. […] Updates: World Loand Bank -> Eskom, Haiti, Uganda, oceans … […]

  3. […] Updates: World Loand Bank -> Eskom, Haiti, Uganda, oceans … […]

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