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Books for the Barrios. FEATURED CAUSE ON YOURCAUSE.COM <- Thank you for this honor and privilege!

My Profile -> main cause amd other supported Causes here

Our cause “Books for the Barrios” is being made a featured cause on the front page of on Saturday 17th April 2010, as well as when you click the Causes tab .

Our main website Books for the Barrios

We encourage all friends, fans and supporters to visit this site – another labour of love – and offer your support. You may even have other causes that you feel would benefit by being associated with and so feel free to sign up, register your cause if it is not already included in the more than 1.5 million, and get the word out.

The support team is phenomenal and we, at Books for the Barrios, are proud to be associated with The registration is a simple and quick process, and as long as your cause is a recognised and registered Non-Profit Organisation, you CAN make a difference.

From the website:


The mission of is to empower individuals to change our world—leveraging their own voices, networks, and spheres of influence to improve the lives of others. The dedicated and accomplished team is committed to supporting and facilitating the efforts of our caring member community and the causes they champion so passionately.

Our History:

Matthew’s Story

In early 2007, I caught a glimpse of a Dateline MSNBC news program that profiled the atrocities of child soldiers in Uganda. I learned about children like ten-year-old Patrick, who was kidnapped and forced to become a soldier for a rebel group (Lord’s Resistance Army). Patrick, the soft-spoken, emotionally-drained and visibly-saddened young boy was being interviewed about his kidnapping, conversion, eventual escape and most recent effort to integrate into society. Patrick, like the other 55,000 children (including his sister), are stolen from their homes and villages only to be brainwashed and abused to conduct unspeakable acts of violence. Patrick was completely dependent on the LRA out of fear, which forced him to kill his own parents in order to save him and his sister’s life.As Patrick described these atrocities, a single tear ran down his face. I’m not sure he even had the energy to fully cry. After two years inside the LRA, countless massacres and traumatic abuse, Patrick escaped the rebel group and found refuge in a United Nations protected camp. Patrick, 12-years-old at the time of the interview, was now trying to seek education, rebuild himself and gain back a childhood forever hacked by emotional scars.As a parent of three children, the thought of something even remotely close to this happening to my family is unfathomable. Immediately, I was compelled to do something. Perspective quickly set in for me and, ever since that day, my purpose has forever changed.

No longer was I driven by numbers in the sense of dollar signs or the size of my company venture. An immediate and instinctual shift took place that had me measuring my success through the number of lives I changed and the amount of good I could instill.Hearing Patrick’s story inspired me to channel my skills towards empowering myself and others to pursue the cause that is most meaningful to them. My hypothesis was simple: If I could connect the power of the Internet with the passion of a cause-minded individual, then change could incur. I wanted to provide the ability for anyone and everybody to have the ability to make a difference in whatever mattered most to them. For me, it was the child soldier’s of Uganda.

For others, it may be cancer, the environment, civil rights or any of the other thousands of categories out there.Our CommitmentAt, we pride ourselves on measuring our success by the level of positive social change we affect—not by the number of page views, advertising dollars, and sponsorship agreements we log. Fundamentally, the company seeks to harness the passion of cause enthusiasts, donors, charities, and corporations to create a mutually beneficial business scenario that is scalable and sustainable— for everybody, forever.The entire team shares this commitment to making the world a better place.

Each team member brings a background aptly suited to our collective mission to help grow what we feel is a truly remarkable community. These values shape all that we do—from our technology development, to our relationships with our members, corporate clients, partners, vendors, and sponsors.Expanding the is actively partnering with today’s most progressive, caring, and philanthropic organizations. Through employee micro–philanthropic programs, corporate sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, and business alliances, is quickly spreading its wings and touching countless lives. We encourage businesses, websites, philanthropists, and charities to contact to learn more about getting involved in this exciting adventure.

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  1. […] Features Books for the Barrios -> FEATURED CAUSE … […]

  2. […] Features Books for the Barrios -> FEATURED CAUSE … […]

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