Mercury : South Africa left “in the dark” ESKOM #WC2010

Extracted from the Natal Mercury. (with thanks)

For those who have been living under a rock or stuck in bed without a newspaper, telephone, cellphone or any contact with the outside world….  A total of 170 territories have booked the TV feed for this event, which is a new Fifa World Cup record.

With all this hullabaloo, excitement and hype all we locals can do is hope that everything runs smoothly and that the weekend goes off without a hitch. (Read weekend = World Cup #Forever hopeful)

As a passionate, loyal and born-and-bred Durban man I don’t want to see or read any of the following headlines this weekend:

  • Delegates get mugged on beachfront
  • Construction workers at Moses Mabhida stadium picket outside Absa Stadium and ICC
  • Chiefs fans throw bottles on the field as referee hands out 10 red cards
  • Eskom power outage means Fifa conduct draw in dark
  • Traffic police ticket Fifa president’s limousine and tow it away to the pound
  • Local government official caught in bed with Fifa delegate’s wife at the Durban Hilton Hotel.

    Ok, enough of the crazy headlines!

    I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about. However from past experiences it seems as though the only time we can really feel safe in our city is when there is a huge conference at the ICC or we have a Fifa delegation.

    Already a reader has noticed how the grass verges have suddenly been cut on the road to Umhlanga and the whole city has been spruced up.

    And let’s take a bet on how many street children we see begging or hanging around the city this weekend. I guarantee they would have all been bused out of town.

    I had to smile last week when one local headline quoted police chief Jackie Selebi as saying: “If one delegate is mugged, you phone me on Monday. I guarantee they will all be safe!”

    Thanks Jackie pSelebe currently up on corruption charges, former Minister of Safety and Security), does that mean that delegates are safe and we Joe Public are not?

    No, seriously I think everything is going to go smoothly (except the weather which is forecast to be cloudy with rain) and come Monday morning I hope everyone in Durban and beyond can hold their heads up high.

    This is our big moment. Let’s seize it and show the world we are world class. [This should be read in the light it is intended… and not that any South African actually believes it]

  • I enjoyed this post immensely.. this is from a “Proudly South African” man living in crime ridden Durban which tourists have been warned to exercise extreme caution when visiting… are we as South Africans forever hopeful or have we just become complacent, THIS IS LIFE……….
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