Our boy Julius #Malema and a little #SANews – WARNING Graphic~ well not really, but STRONG LANGUAGE! #PresidentElect

First off let me say that there are some strong images and some strong language contained in these graphics… Please do not take this as an indication that this is how I speak too my children at home, but rather that this is the dissent within the country that is South Africa…. No offence intended… If you are opposed to reading anything “unsavoury” rather refrain from reading this post please. I did not compile the pictures personally, I do not however apologise for posting them after having warning about very graphic images and strong language.

I have hesitated to post this but in keeping with the rest of everything that is just so wrong in this country how on earth can I be criticised or condemned for showing the rest of the world what is really happening here – because they don’t know, they don’t have a clue and unless they actually read blogs and reports about the current devastating situation in this country, they will have no idea…

So to everyone of you who ask me questions, with the utmost respect, here are the answers:

1. No I will not be attending the World Cup or any of the games. It is NOT safe for South Africans, for tourists or even for the players. One player has already been hospitalised after being injured while visiting a restaurant/club in (I think it was) Cape Town.

2. While the SA authorities SAY that Cape Town is the safest city in South Africa, please do not think for one moment it is SAFE. it is SAFER than the other cities, but because of it being a major tourism attraction internationally, tourists are spotted a mile away and are targeted by seasoned criminals. So NO, there are NO safe places to visit in South Africa.

3. The beaches in Durban (Africa’s Holiday Destination) are NOT safe to walk on during the day – definitely stay away from them at night, and try not to go into the city centre… You will lose your car, jewellery, cell phone, wallet – more likely your life. SO NO, do not visit Durban unless there are 200 of you and as armed and dangerous as the thugs that roam the beaches and the streets.

4. Power Outages are a daily occurrence in at least one area at ANY given time in the country. While these are said to be scheduled please note that no one is told of their schedules, so can happen at any time of the night or day, and for any length of time. Monday it was almost 4 hours during peak business hours. Tuesday power went out at 5.45 am and returned almost 10 pm n Wednesday evening. Municipal workers are on strike, this includes Emergency Rescue Services, Municipal Police, Medical Personnel, Traffic officers – Eskom and the others just simply climb on the bandwagon and go on strike as well. So NO, do not expect back up emergency service, and NO do not expect electricity or constant internet access either.

5. Power outages are NOT always scheduled. Often they are because of blown up sub-stations due to lack of maintenance and upgrading. Eskom, although borrowing R29 million from the World Bank (which was opposed by the US Treasury given the fact also that even the SA Govt could not afford to provide the Govt owned Eskom a R60 million loan) will NOT spend this money on upgrading the structures or maintaining the power stations. In fact as at 4 pm yesterday there were threats that the strikes which have become violent and are countrywide are threatened to go well into the World Cup. So NO, the Word Cup will not be the EVENT OF THE CENTURY. Crime syndicates are already in operation.

6. Please read http://www.dontflysaa.com for the real truth on what happens at the airports. These are true accounts and statistics from someone who is an ex-pat and who reports specifically on the corruption and fraud at South African Airways, the airports it controls, the danger that you will be exposed to. so NO, do not fly SAA if you can possibly help it – n fact avoid airports.

7. There is NO public transport system in South Africa. Please don’t think you can hop onto a bus or grab a taxi. They don’t exist. Those large bus-like taxis that do exist are all owned by syndicates who operate the “taxi wars” in the cities where shooting, killing and mugging is a daily occurrence. The smaller “cab-like” taxis are also not controlled – hijacking – South Africa has the highest hijacking statistics in the world. NO, I do not take the transport that is available, I would rather walk, I might have to soon because the price of fuel increases monthly.

Now onto our friend Julius Malema, please read other posts on what this specimen of humanity has said, more recently during his trip to Zimbabwe where he has stated that as in Zimbabwe, white people (to be politically correct I will refer to the minority) will be forced out of their homes and out of the country, raped and killed and their homes taken over by the majority.

Worth reading as well : http://wp.me/p77dO-tbHARARE – South Africa’s ruling party ANC is planning Zimbabwean style land invasions after the FIFA 2010 World Cup, amid reports Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF and War Veterans Association will provide crucial support for the programme, sources in Zimbabwe said on Monday.

http://wp.me/p77dO-t8The Zimbabwe Mail-ANC will follow the example of Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF -take over white-owned farms by the end of 2010 #JuliusMalema
Take a moment to search some videos on “Crime in South Africa” much of captured in the city centres on CCTV!

ATT00007.jpg ATT00010.jpgATT00013.jpgATT00016.jpgATT00019.jpgATT00022.jpgATT00025.jpgATT00028.jpgATT00031.jpg ATT00034.jpgATT00037.jpg ATT00040.jpgATT00043.jpgATT00046.jpgATT00049.jpgATT00052.jpg ATT00055.jpgATT00058.jpgATT00061.jpgATT00064.jpgATT00067.jpgATT00070.jpgATT00073.jpgATT00076.jpgATT00079.jpgATT00082.jpg

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