Officials confirm four measles deaths, Health Department cnfirms shortage of medication and funds #Health #Warning

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travellers to South Africa please note that the measles strain currently cuontrywide is drug-resistnent and can be potentially fatal. My son contracted it recently WHILST in hosptial

Please also note that although the Department of Health is making a lot of(pre-WordCup) noise about a Health Campaign to curn these diseases that you will pick up in any mall or shopping centre, they have confirmed that they do NOT have the necessary vaccines NOR the funds to obtain same.

Chidlren are required by law to have their vaccinations but due to the extremely high prevlanence of every kind of disease you can think of obviously little bodies cannot tolerate much more.


Eyewitness News: Officials confirm four measles deaths.


The Western Cape Health Department says the number of measles patients in the province has stabilised.

This despite an eighth baby dying this week after contracting the disease.

The death toll was calculated from the initial outbreak in the province, in September last year.

More than 150 children have been diagnosed and treated for measles at the Tygerberg Hospital since then.

Eight of the children whom were all younger than one have since died. Health authorities, however, insist that the outbreak is under control.

MEC Theuns Botha says all eight cases were diagnosed with HIV, pneumonia and TB before contracting measles.

“When there’s another underlying existing condition, then it complicates the measles.”

Botha says its immunisation programme at schools and clinics across the province will continue.


Fifty three children have been hospitalised and treated for measles in the Western Cape.

The provincial Health Department said the number of reported cases had slowly begun to stabilise since the initial outbreak in September last year.

Health authorities said around 30 patients were treated and immediately discharged from hospitals and clinics each week.

The department’s Mark van der Heever said the National Immunisation Programme would continue as normal next month.

“The department has started to distribute the consent forms at schools, in order for the mass immunisation programme to kick in on the 12th of April.”

Van der Heever added the programme was already underway.

“Our immunisation programme started on the 8th of March. We’ve immunised children between the ages of six months and two years. It’s targeted at the hot spot areas, specifically focusing on those age groups,” he said.

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