SA still needs to test two new stadiums ahead of World Cup

credit source with thanks: SA still needs to test two new stadiums ahead of World Cup.

World football governing body FIFA’s South Africa head Ron Delmont said on Thursday that the next challenge in preparation for the FIFA World Cup was to test the readiness of the Soccer City stadium, in Soweto, and the Mbombela stadium, in Nelspruit.

He noted that not one of the stadiums had hosted a match before and that some concerns were previously raised regarding the perimeters and landscaping of the Soccer City stadium and the pitch at the Mbombela stadium.

Delmont told Engineering News Online that these issues were being closely monitored and said that recent reports indicated that progress had been made towards the resolution of these problems.

Nevertheless, Delmont said that the association was confident that everything would be ready before the tournament kicks-off on June 11.

He said that despite some “Afro-pessimism” and negative reporting, FIFA still believed that this was Africa’s time to shine. “However, one lesson learned by FIFA around hosting the event in Africa, is that local business practices and socioeconomic issues should always be taken into consideration,” he concluded.

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