S.Africa: 2010: FIFA World Cup: South African Tourist Horror – What Tourists Need to Know About World Cup

Credit: AfricanCrisis.

[This horror story is but one of the dangers facing tourists for the World Cup. Despite what tourists are seeing on nice television ads, its vital that tourists ultimately remember they are still in Africa! Lions and Elephants are the least of concerns, tens of people are being ‘murdered’ every single day, in horrific and barbaric ways. South African GOVERNMENT officials are calling for ‘natives’ to murder and slaughter White people…so if YOU are a white and planning to go to South Africa…YOU are a TARGET! These are things your government is not warning you about, and if they are, listen to them their warnings are well founded and true!

If and when tourists are lucky enough to survive one of the many fatal threats (muggins, hijacking, rape etc), South Africa’s hospitals are some of the worst in the world, people literally have a much better chance of surviving by not going to hospital than seeking treatment in hospital…people go there to die! Don’t be shocked if people die in the reception and bodies in black body bags litter the hospital…this is Africa! This train ‘accident’ comes as no surprise, as infrastructure literally crumbles by the day, people die every single day from crumbling infrastructure and lack of basic services!

South Africa has officially been recognised as being MORE dangerous than IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN! So why the hell would YOU risk it!? You have more chances of surviving in Iraq than you are in South Africa…so why not go and experience an Arabic oasis? I know I would rather!

Ultimately, remember there is a GENOCIDE going on in South Africa, and if your skin happens to be White, YOUR A TARGET!

YOU have been warned!

Pretoria – One of the 55 tourists who were trapped on the runaway Rovos Rail train between Centurion and Pretoria on Wednesday has told how she watched the drama unfold.

“I saw the carriages ahead of me start derailing one by one, like it was happening in slow motion, until it came to my carriage,” 41-year-old Gina Ruiz, from New York, said with a slight tremor in her voice and her hand in front of her mouth.

Before the accident, the train stopped at the Centurion station to replace its electric locomotive with a steam locomotive.

“I was sitting in the dining room when the train started moving again,” said Ruiz.

“This was while the train personnel were replacing the electric locomotive. We were going to travel with the steam train from there.

“Suddenly the train started moving very fast. I even commented on how fast the train was moving.

“The next moment, I saw the carriages ahead of me start derailing one by one. I watched it moving closer and closer to me, until it came to my carriage.”

Whole family injured

The shock was clearly visible on her tear-stained face and her clothes were dirty. Ruiz was also unsteady on her feet, and at times looked as if she was about to collapse.

Her parents, Gerald and Maria Ruiz, and her sister, Madison Tar, were seriously injured in the accident.

“They were taken to a hospital. I don’t even know which hospital. They have serious injuries.”

Ruiz said this is her first visit to South Africa. She is part of a tour group of 30 Americans visiting South Africa.

“We’ve been in the country for a week and had planned to spend another week here.”

Just as she said this, an emergency services worker took the traumatised Ruiz away.

The US embassy has said that as far as they know 10 of the 40 Americans who were on the train have been hospitalised.

US Ambassador Donald H Gips visited the scene and said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the people on whom this accident had an impact. We want to thank the emergency units and others who reacted immediately.”

Source Url: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Rovos-passenger-saw-horror-unfold-20100421

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