These were my last words: The Backstory @almostvisible @thefeeg @heyjude408 @donnette – @ElyssaD’s Posterous #SuicideIsNotTheAnswer

These were my last words: The Backstory. @almostvisible @thefeeg @heyjude408 @donnette – ElyssaD’s Posterous.

These were my last words: The Backstory. @almostvisible @thefeeg @heyjude408 @donnette

Please call me about if you have any questions regarding my reasons
for sending a blind Cc…
My biological mother asked me to get a letter from the hospital so she
can get a refund for the Vegas tix. I need her to sign an amended tax
return or prove OR paying the money she claimed on her taxes.

She can not declare me a dependent and refused to provide the
necessary proof if that means I lose my health care, disability, and
section 8.

Enough is enough. I need to keep because I still can not find A job.
Karen bdbw-k is actually quite predictable, but I have to take care of
myself right now, and I think this will put just enough pressure to
get turn over the docs I need for my tax returns, Dept of ed loans,
and my TennCare eligibility, social security disability.

sleeping in the car again tonight. Not so bad, and it is safer than my apt.

Trying to stay awake to go fill out a application for a new apt
tomorrow, they only take money orders, $50 so please help me sell some things on eBay!

I earned under $2000.00
Last year combined MNPS, contract HCAN and I spent my stimulus check
to but my laptop for $600.03

Now it is broken.
I,m sorry for being weak. I think it is okay to cry every once in a
while. If for no other reason, at lease it releases endorphins and I
need all the natural health care benefits I can get.

My Geodon, Klonopin, eye care, broken tooth, and DME (durable medical equipment) is not covered and it cost $523.19 for 18 days of Geodon, Klonopin cost $14 for a 2 week supply.

My cash allowance is only *$240/month and my death benefit is less
than the average cost of a funeral (also less than my monthly income)

You tell me what to do, I’ve done the math, and I understand the
concept of Distributive justice and community ratings.
I will never be able to contribute financially anything close to what
I cost society.

I am supposed to take myself out.
I do not want to commit suicide.

It should be a crime for a parent to even suggest such a thing to a
woman of 36, a young woman of 22, a child of 16, 17, 29, 32, and
anywhere in between.

so why have the people who are supposed to love me unconditionally so
willing to accept (my death) as an act of mercy upon society.

Pro life people, come forth. Is my ridiculous life one worth living
for? Do I have any value aside from what is in my checking account?

Welfare is not a running joke, it is a *deadly* game of self
perpetuating cycle, a psycho social experiment that serves no
rationale or mercy to all of those who have been marginalized into
nothingness like myself, Elyssa Danielle Durant,

Please take my breasts, take any fleeting beauty that means NOTHING it
objectives and minimizes the fact that I am a person, a human being, a
brother to humanity, and a fellow homespuns, a hero of Saps, and a
friend to most animals who provide me more comfort than a my own
family, neighbors or community.

Please, lend me psychosis j for a moment, so I can pretend none of
this is real.

I would much rather have nothing at all than misplaced belief in a
social welfare/ safety net “security system” that is so far beyond
broken that I can only pretend for a second that it is worth fighting

Take my youth, the suggestion of prostitution makes me about to vomit
this very second. How dare anyone suggest that as an option to pay
rent. You all make me sick!!!
I am worth a mere $453.00 dead, and guess what, u am just angry
enough at this moment to keep living as long as U can and stick the
good ‘of USA with the bill.

i only wish had that 70. For s passport, because last time I checked,
Canada couldn’t take me for PhD since Vanderbilt wouldn’t release my

Is there a single place left on earth where freedom is more than just
a moniker, because if this what people have laid down there lives for,
than please feel free to send me in next.
Please set me free…


This makes no sense.

edp/ we haven’t even dealt with my thoracic spinal NON-CONGENITAL cord deformity, glaucoma, hand tremor, screening for parkinsons
diagnosis my mother told me she received a dx last summer

May 02, 2010
donnette said…
This is disgraceful! Elyssa has so many friends and ppl who care abt her.. E, do you have a Paypal account? If not, make use of one of mine, friends you are close to can transfer donations over to you via one of my accounts.. Surely there are a few people who would willingly make a small donation to get you out of your current predicament. You can’t be sleeping in the car again…. and get suicide right out of your mind……
And Yes, there are people listening – I AM LISTENING, my princess, and I will do whatever I am able to within my limited means to help you!

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