#Eskom union demands 18% wage increase <- if i don't laugh I'll sob uncontrollably

CREDIT & THANKS: Eskom union demands 18% wage increase.

South Africa’s powerful National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) indicated on Friday that it had put forward an 18% wage demand increase to State-owned power utility Eskom for the current financial year.

The NUM said in a statement that it felt that the parastatal had failed, for many years, to provide its workers with decent wages.

Eskom was not in a position to respond immediately to media enquiries regarding its counter-offer, but the gap is expected to be material between the NUM demand and what Eskom is likely to propose.

The NUM negotiator Ndlela Radebe said that the utility would be forced to “come to the negotiations table running” this year.

“Eskom has for many years treated us with contempt, but this year it is an essential service or no essential service,” said Radebe.

NUM further demanded that Eskom deliver on outstanding housing allowances promised to workers at last year’s negotiations.

“The chips will be down at Eskom. We hope that Eskom will get the message loud and clear,” concluded Radebe.

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