@SoldiersAngels – Official #Squidoo Contest – Calling all Angels >NEEDING YOUR VOTES PLEASE :)

Soldiers Angels – May No Soldier go Unloved.

This is an official contest supported by Squidoo. We could REALLY do with your support.  PLEASE!

I’m a proud member of http://www.squidoo.com/rocketmoms/hq who has teamed up with Squidoo’s Summer Sunshine Award for Charity. Here are the details:

This summer, for 60 days, we’re giving away $99 a day to benefit charities. But that’s not all. The lensmaster will receive $99 too. One winning lensmaster a day, every day for 60 days, will get $99.

Please go to the following link, rate, comment, favorite it… $99 will send out almost 10 care packages to warriors 🙂

Soldiers Angels on Squidoo


Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your mission that you can forget why you started down this path. A number of people and events have been reminding me of why we’re all here, all working so hard to take care of our troops. “Patti Patton-Bader “

“You don’t have to live in the US to Support Soldiers Angels – Adopt a Soldier NOW!”

My involvement with Soldiers Angels is – well I can’t tell how or when it began, all I knew is that there was an Earth Angel who had a vision of hope, light and love and wanted to share it with the whole of the USA – and then the world – to support the troops, male and female, who had been deployed to various parts of the world. The enthusiasm, dedication and determination of this organisation cannot help but become inspirational to anyone who has lived in an area or country affected by war and/or poverty or been involved in one way or another with active members of the military, regardless of where in the world it may have been. Soldiers Angels is not only based in the USA but is now an international organisation.

I joined Soldiers Angels and soon became a (PROUD PROUD PROUD <- Did mention extremely proud?) Verified Angel whereafter I could adopt our first hero/shero. Why do soldiers need adopting? There’s a wide variety of reasons, which I’ll touch on in this page. Why do they get adopted? Because it is the least that can be done by someone who is in a position to supply a small piece of home comfort, a letter, card, anything to say “THANK YOU, YOU ARE REMEMBERED, YOU MAKE US PROUD, WE HOPE THIS SMALL TOKEN OF OUR APPRECIATION WILL GO SOME WAY IN RELIEVING THE DISCOMFORT OF THE CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH YOU ARE PROTECTING AND SERVING, OFTEN UNDER HORRENDOUS CONDITIONS.”

No, I am not a US Citizen, nor do I live in the USA. I am not a member of the Allied Forces, nor am I in the military, although I have trained with the South African Defence Force (Now SANDF) in South Africa during the height of the African Bush War. I have close friends and family, some of whom have served or are serving in one or the other, some of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for freedom, to serve and protect. I remind myself often that the US Military is not just based in the USA, Afghanistan or Iraq, but in Africa and other continents throughout the world. This is the story of Soldiers Angels (I’ll refer to it as “SA” within this following passage), and the Motto which is now embedded in my mind and the minds of thousands of Angels worldwide:
May No Soldier Go Unloved
May No Soldier Walk Alone
May No Soldier Be Forgotten
Until They All Come Home

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