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Mr Makhathini has left a new comment on your post “Child Sodomised At Pietermaritzburg School – Headm…“:

Hi Donnette
I’m the author of the article whilst working as The Witness journalist in 2006-2007, I’m now with eThekwini Communications Unit. I would like to commend you on the good job you are doing and pray that those in charge of our education system here our cries and fix the situation. Our children spend most of their time at school, now if they not happy there because of victimisation and so on- where should we take them? I went to Alexandra High 1995-1999, while I enjoyed my stay there- the same issues of harassment, theft and so on occuring- and this should not be tolerated. Wish u all the best for the future.
Mthobisi Mack Makhathini

Posted by Mr Makhathini to Donnette Davis at 26 May 2010 5:48:00 AM PDT

WOW thank you Mr Makhathini, I shall contact you personally… It was a well written article that needed more exposure, rather than being sweipt under the rug as so many other situations have been. Congratulations on speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves – the ultimate victims, the children.

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