We’re Tallying the Votes on Members ProjectR #SupportYourCause

Members Project From American Express and TakePart
Thanks all for your support
The voting for round 1 is now closed while we tally the results. We would like to thank you for providing so much support to Members Project® and the charities in the running. We also look forward to kicking off round 2 and announcing the 5 winners from this round on Monday, May 31st.

We’ll be adding some new charities in the coming round, each of which will be contending for another $1,00,000 in funding from American Express®. Remember: Your votes make a difference.

Want to keep supporting your charities? You can still volunteer through Members Project, or make a donation.



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Find ways to recruit support for your favorite charity.

VOLUNTEER. Find a volunteer opportunity that's perfect for you. You can get rewarded for your volunteered hours. DONATE. Make a donation on your American Express® Card or donate Membership Rewards® points. You can choose from over a million worthy charities.

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