Proudly South African (for one day only but it’s a start!) #FifaWorldCup2010 – and off for a haircut <- #Trivia #PanicAttack

EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK—>>>>>  I have just this very moment been persuaded by belowmentioned daughter from Dubai to cut my hair today <- this is a BIGGIE.. I SIT on my hair, it is seriously long…. *breathe*

I collected my magnificently beautiful older daughter from what used to be Durban International Airport before 6 am Monday morning, it was pitch dark and since it is a trip I make more regularly than I care to admit – I mean this is NOT around the corner, this is hours and hours of driving to just find the right off-ramps – no mean feat when you’re driving at night, aware of your surroundings, and fingers frozen to the bone..

Anyway bypassing the disgustingly filthy and seriously unsafe city of Durban off we go to Dbn International airport, on which some R3.8 billion was spent upgrading it to international standards a few years ago…  The staff as you will find in all South African airports (and indeed all SA Government departments)  are not the friendliest, nor are they terribly clued up or interested – in fact if they even take 5 minutes out of their time from chatting to one another (or eating) to respond to a query, it is simply to stare at you, eyes glazed over, completely blank, and then either walk away or point in some foreign direction – of course leaving you none the wiser…

Moving on (<<I like that) I thought it odd that it was dark, no planes, no traffic.. helloooooooooooo what’s happening – this is the main highway between Durban and the KZN South Coast – it SHOULD BE BUSY! …. only to be re-directed by security there – [in the dark (head internally sceaming ummm SECURITY???) – 3 kids sleeping in the car] that uhh- noooooooo all flights have been re-directed to King Shaka International Airport -> some 80 kilometres UP the KwaZuluNatal North Coast – hyperventilating here #RunningOutOfTime… get to VERULAM/TONGAAT PRONTO!

How typical that no one is notified that Durban International Airport is now officially closed.. of course SA must cream what they can from the expected influx of tourists – hope they find their way around, I’m pretty familiar with S Africa and particularly with KZN BUT sheeeesh! if it weren’t for the little yellow square signs with a ridiculous oval picture on them and a small (smaller than small) FIFA logo, I wouldn’t have had a clue what they were about – hmmmmm….

anyway.. another story for another day :))
On our way to King Shaka International Airport, which ranks amongst some of the finest I have seen in the world, and let me tell you there have been MANY – we happened to drive right beside the FIFA 2010 Durban World Cup Soccer Stadium as the sun was rising on our right. hand side as it rose over the ocean…. Could not stop to take pictures, but apparently Portugal (A favourite team my daughter from Dubai – and my reason for this ridiculously long trip – tells me – she says they’re HAWT – is playing there on Sunday… )  Savannah is rooting for USA – and I am – well let’s just say may the best team win! I’m no patriot and don’t pretend to be otherwise… besides we do not have a world class team, and are not ranked favourably according to local stats!

Pictures were taken of the stadium from moving car on freeway by Savannah (with cell phone) of Durban WC Soccer Stadium….

South Africa – even though we know these Stadiums are yet to be paid for and the problems that have gone along with getting them fnished – I can say this with all honesty – TODAY I AM PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!!!

Way to Go- for once you have made your citizens proud!!  Will post pics soon as I upload them 🙂

On the actual work front, I have been productive Tis true…. new units uploaded – see info below 🙂

St Aiden’s Homeschool has uploaded some exceptional new units HUGE as well – FIFA World Cup 2010 will be available in a day or two – this is a MASSIVE gift box of puzzles, workbooks, teaching notes and resources, activity sheets and more and covers ALL age groups (and all teams) -and gives am outline to south african history, the history of the FIFA World Cup, key countries.. etc.. jam-packed with activities yes, even dads!! 😛 )

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