UR Vote is Needed Members ProjectR #charities get funding fm #Amex @americanexpress

Members Project From American Express and TakePart
Change is just a small step away.

By voting for your favorite cause, you help determine which charities get funding from American Express. There are dozens of worthy causes and you can vote every week, so be sure to keep coming back to help


Cast one vote each week to help decide which 5 charities will receive a total of $1,000,000 in funding from American Express. There will be new winners every 3 months. Voting is open to everyone.


Members Project® helps you find the right volunteer opportunity, even if you only have an hour. You could earn Membership Rewards® bonus points for donating time to one of the hundreds of charities that could use your help

VOLUNTEER. Find a volunteer opportunity that's perfect for you. You  can get rewarded for your volunteered hours.

Donations made Simple

DONATE. Make a donation on your American Express® Card or donate  Membership Rewards® points. You can choose from over a million worthy  charities.

Have an American Express® Card? Use your Card to donate or give your Membership Rewards® points to one of up to 50 organizations included in Members Project® voting rounds, or choose from among thousands of charities.

First, search for a charity you’d like to help. Then you can make a one-time donation on your American Express Card, set up recurring donations to spread your giving throughout the year, or even donate Membership Rewards points. It’s giving made simple.

If you’re not a Cardmember, you can apply now to make donations through Members Project®

American Express and TakePart

Rally your friends around your cause by sending them an e-mail from Members Project..
Promote your favorite charities by adding a personalized banner to your site.
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Project from American Express and TakePart.
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  1. I enjoy your looking at your blogs and in support of the work that you are doing in Africa.

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