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Learning About Bugs – Part 1 – St Aiden’s Homeschool | CurrClick Homeschooling Resources

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Learning About Bugs – Part – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa | CurrClick

via Learning About Bugs – Part – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa | CurrClick.

Learning About Bugs - Part

Learning About Bugs – Part 1

This book is on the topic of ‘Bugs’ with the target audience being those who are 8-12 years old. The project will cover many bugs that children have heard of, or that may be particularly interesting to them.

Because of the vast amount of information available and the huge variety of insect species, the entire topic has been covered in alphabetical order and in Parts 1, 2 etc.

Each book contains basic information on the insect, as well as written exercises, revision, teaching notes and research activities. Vocabulary exercises are included; so too are drawings, crosswords, word searches, action rhymes and fingerplays,, lesson plans and lots of activities for younger learners, making this an ideal book for all ages.

Some of the subjects contain literature unit studies and handwriting activities.

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