Release: Top SA Sports Brand @32Gi -New @Modern_Athlete ad w/ World Champ @CollenMakaza

Collen Makaza, 2010 IAU World 50KM champ, and Podium Finisher at 2012 Two Oceans Marathon is fueled by Leading Brand, 32Gi

I was chatting to Mark Wolff of 32Gi over the weekend, a great guy and loyal supporter of my hubby Craig’s athletes… here 32Gi have integrated the persona of our dear friend, Collen Makaza, into their new ad campaign.  An amazing tribute to a world-class athlete by one of South Africa’s leading brands…

Says Mark Wolff:

In this latest advert of Modern Athlete Magazine (South Africa) we decided to use Collen Makaza. We embarked on a different approach in our marketing recently in which we took a decision to focus on our athletes, they are very important to us at 32Gi we value them in so many ways due to the assistance in product development, constant feedback and exposure they give us.

They are human beings living a very different life. The life of a professional athlete is very tough. It is the kind of profession where you cannot be good or mediocre, you need to be the best in order to survive and earn a living. It’s a dream for many athletes to compete at the highest possible level, but very few actually get there. It’s even harder when you have a family to support. Collen is one such athlete who achieved top honours in Ultra Distance Running by winning the World Ultra Marathon Champs in 2010. Collen then went on to suffer an injury which set him back for around 20 months where his dream of returning to his previous level of competition became a hope and a very tough battle both mentally and physically.

This year Collen decided to enter Two Oceans marathon with in his mind probably a really decent finish, but I don’t think he was prepared for what was about to be probably the most amazing day he possibly could have hoped to have. He was in contention throughout, putting in a huge effort to take top honors and he managed a 3rd place podium finish.

Immediately realising what had happened my complete attention was focused on this young man who had basically gone through hell and back to achieve such an amazing result. We wanted to honour Collen in our runners advert, because we are not just behind 1st place finishers we stand behind anyone who tries to achieve their personal best by overcoming their own personal obstacles to win the battle. Collen is such a person, so humble in nature yet of great talent.


Mark Wolff is co-founder and director of 32Gi an energy supplements company. He is a nutrition expert, businessman and endurance athlete who is completely passionate about everything he does. He works closely with the professional athletes and teams ensuring that they are able to reach their full potential by leading proper health lifestyles. As Mark always say’s you can be the fittest, the fastest and the strongest but if you don’t eat correctly you can never reach your full potential. Mark spends much of his time trying to educate people on healthy nutrition, he completely believe there is no supplement for a healthy diet, no quick fixes only hard work and discipline.

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