Donnette-Davis –, #Homeschool #Education Discounts & Freebies eBooks

Store: Donnette-Davis –, #Homeschool #Education Discounts & Freebies eBooks.

Store: Donnette-Davis –

If you are a teacher/author, why not consider publishing through Teachers Pay Teachers?  You’ll be glad you did!

Here in Africa we are well into spring after a warm winter.  While I know it is Fall in the northern Hemisphere I thought this would be a great time to offer a discount of 20% on all of my titles.

This will include those relating to Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I do hope you’ll take advantage of this promotion, and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

Warm wishes

3 Responses to “Donnette-Davis –, #Homeschool #Education Discounts & Freebies eBooks”

  1. Hello, Donnette!

    That site is incredible and it is helping teachers all over the world. We buy from there sometimes as well. However, we tried to create something for Homeschoolers and we came up with the

    Homeschooler Supply Closet at

    It is the newest place where Homeschoolers pay Homeschoolers and parents get to earn extra money for their homes!

    I do hope you find it as interesting as the teacher site, we would love your opinion!

    • Hello, thanks for that link, I’ll go and have a look at it. There is so much wonderful material freely available on the net if you have the time to search, but also having been doing a lot of research lately, I am also a little concerned that SO much of it is the same type of activity, if not THE exact activity you can find anywhere else. I think fresh ideas, fresh content are what people are essentially looking for, and no one knows better than a homeschooler what works for their child or in their situation. I think it is a wonderful idea for other HS’rs to make available their original resources to others. Kudos!

  2. 2013-01-5、上午 9:47…

    Donnette-Davis –, #Homeschool #Education Discounts…

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