Soweto Marathon, Sunday4 Nov Sees top elite field from @craigsathletes Good Luck All #MakeItHappen

Craig, my husband, left for Gauteng yesterday, taking with him Collen Makaza, fresh from his 2nd position at the IAU World 50 km World Trophy Final in Italy 2 weeks ago. Collen will be racing at the Soweto Marathon tomorrow, along with fellow countryman Munya Jari (Zimbabwe) and a number of elite athletes managed by Craig, who have arrived from Kenya for the race.

All of the athletes mentioned in this article are worth watching out for. Craig’s athletes are, in South African running circles, expected to dominate the race from beginning to end, and while there can only be one winner, all will, I have absolutely no doubt, give of their very best. We need to remember that these athletes run for a living. This is how they support their families. They give it their everything. And it is absolutely astounding to watch them in action.

Race numbers of our people running in Nedbank Running Club Kit:

Peris Chumba (f) 2317, (Kenya)

Pamela 2316 (f), (Kenya)

Timothy 2310 (Winner of 2012 inaugural Gauteng Marathon), (Kenya)

David 5457, (Kenya)

Evans 2311, (Winner of 2012 Township to Township Marathon) (Kenya)

Freddy 4312, (Kenya)

Collen Makaza 6649, (Zimbabwe) (2010 IAU World Champion 50km)

Munya Jari 2319, (Zimbabwe) 2nd in inaugural Mandela Marathon, 2012 (THE toughest marathon course in the world)

Two of Craig’s athletes are also running in Toyota kit, and they are:

Leah Kipchumba (f)(Kenya)

Vincent Krop (m)(Kenya)

The race will be televised on SABS2 from 6 a.m. but you can catch live updates via out Twitter feeds


Here are a few pictures of the Craig’s Athletes Team as they settle into their hotel accommodation, after arriving in Gauteng Friday/Saturday, and in preparation for the race, they all eat a staple meal of sazda (or Ugali in Swahili), which is maize meal, chicken, because it is easily digestible, and they will carbo-load on their 32Gi.

Their day will start at 4 am Sunday. Craig will not sleep tonight, he never does before a major race. I hope the athletes get good rest, it is a tough course, I know this from driving on it in 2010. But judging form the calibre of athlete in Craig’s camp for Soweto marathon, we shouldn’t see any difficulties. All have featured prominently in major races in Africa and around the world during 2012.11.03

Figure 1 Elite Athletes arrive at OR Tambo for Soweto Marathon

Figure 2 Munya Timothy Collen

Figure 3 Mumya and Collen… oh my! you guys are peculiar

Figure 4 Munya cooking in the hotel. They have to have a special meal before racing

Figure 5 Freddy and Vincent

Figure 6 David cooking Ugali

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