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Saving a bear sanctuary was just one of the many successes Care2 members celebrated in January. Read about a few more below.

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Who says January is an unproductive month? Here are some of the victories you helped us achieve this month. Thanks for staying so committed to the causes on Care2 all year long!

Bear Sanctuary Saved
SuccessThanks to the unflagging support of Care2 members and the hard work of Animals Asia, moon bears at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre no longer risk losing their permanent home. This centre provides a much-needed sanctuary for rehabilitating bears from the bear bile industry. Read more.
Levi’s Jeans Go Toxin-Free
SuccessAfter much pressure from Greenpeace activists, including Care2 members, Levi Strauss announced that it will stop treating clothes with chemicals that cause toxic water pollution. The jean giant will work to completely eliminate hazardous chemicals from its production line in the future. Read more.
Sioux Nation Reclaims Black Hills
SuccessThe Sioux Nation raised the $9 million needed to make a down payment on land they consider sacred ground. Pe’ Sla, located in South Dakota’s Black Hills, belonged to the tribes until Congress disregarded an 1868 treaty and stole the land from them. Read more.
Military to Stop Torturing Animals for Combat Training
Success The U.S. military kills more than 7,500 animals every year for “medical training.” Thanks to pressure from animal rights activists, including Care2 members, they will soon have to stop. The National Defense Reauthorization Act requires the Department of Defense to create a strategy to replace their current techniques with humane alternatives. Read more.

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colleen.jpg Thanks for all you’ve done!

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