World Champ bemoans lack of Corporate Sponsors @CollenMakaza featured in @TheParadeMag #Zimbabwe, Come on Africa, its about #Teamwork

How delighted I am to see a full feature of our dear friend, and adopted family member, being featured in this brand new magazine. Issue number 2, April 2013, on page 53 the Sports Writer in Chitungwiza discusses Collen’s concerns about the lack of corporate support in Mr Pace Marathon, his brainchild from 2009, which is run under the auspices of the Harare Athletics Board, NAAZ and IAAF. Collen arrived in South Africa today to assist with athletes in the Comrades Marathon. Collen’s personal manager and agent is Craig Fry.

Not only has Collen (and we know this from personal experience) financed the majority of the marathon (and other races) from his own pocket, but he holds a full time job and still finds the time to train and run in prestigious races around the world, and he selflessly commenced the Mr Pace Marathon with the aim of giving back to the community he so loves, within the sport he so loves, and to “identify and nurture talent that lies in abundance, mostly in high density areas…”

Come on Africa, we can do better than this…. Rally around and put Mr Pace Marathon on the Global map as a race you need NOT to miss…. Africa has some outstanding athletes, collectively the best in the world in so far as running is concerned. Let’s work together to encourage and nurture the talent that lies throughout Africa, in the little children and young adults who look up to the likes of their Zimbabwean heroes, Collen Makaza and Stephen Muzhingi, amongst others.

Collen made history in 2010 when he beat the world record when he was placed first in the IAU World 50km championships in Ireland. In 2011 he could not defend his title due to injury, but in 2012, competed to come a respectable 2nd position.

But as a running nation, as a continent of elite runners, YOU can make a difference!  Click on the image links for full size images, and to read the article.

Images scanned from The Parade Magazine pages. Images of Collen used in the article are from my page

Find them:

Collen on Twitter

Craig on Twitter

The Parade Magazine on Twitter

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