Claude Moshiywa, 2010 to 2013 – how he did it! @ComradesRace Pictures + Videos

In 2010 I was introduced to Claude Moshiywa as he came on board under Craig Fry’s management and as his exclusive worldwide agent.  Back then he was running for Mr Price, as I recall, I missed the hands-on activity at 2010 Comrades Marathon but still have many images of he and Stephen running very closely together.

From the beginning of 2011 started the early Saturday morning training runs with Claude, most of which I did not go on, but he trained with other top South African marathoners, who have gone on to win several prestigious races, and have also gone from strength to strength, both here and internationally.

Filming early morning training runs was part and parcel of what Craig does with the athletes, he checks their times, speeds, and they work together to know what is needed and when it is needed during their ultra long sessions.


Claude on an early morning training run in 2011


Claude Moshiywa, Comrades Marathon 2011

Claude Moshiywa, Comrades Marathon 2011

IMG00164-20110529-1332 2011comrades208Proud Manager of Stephen Muzhingi, 1st in 2011, and Claude, 3rd in 2011



Greg Lethwaite, formerly of Nike SA, here with Claude and I think that just might be Alfie 🙂

2011comrades119 2011comrades172

In 2012 it was a pure battle between Ludwick and Claude for most of the race, until Ludwick pulled ahead to take what turned out to be a very controversial 1st position.   He has since been acquitted of the positive dope testing charges, on technicalities, and on 04 May 2013 received his winner’s trophy.   Claude was placed 8th in 2012.

Our pick for 2012 was in fact Claude, as can be seen by this tweet i sent out on 02 June 2012

claude moshiywa twitter prediction 2012

Vaughn van JAARSVELD, Dolphins Cricketer, sent this to me on Monday – I have no idea how he found it, but he RTd it…




Comrades 2012 pictures, and also Claude’s lovely wife, who supports him 100%.   A devoted family man, the first person or people he calls after a race if they are unable to be with him are his wife and two sons.

Claude Moshiywa and his beautiful wife, comrades marathon 2012


Below with Leonid Shvetsov the night before the race


P1060125With Nedbank Running Club Team Manager, Nick Bester!  CMA Race Director, Johan van Staden in the background, and the dude in the red needs no introduction but I will not (dis)grace my page with his name.

P1060126uh-oh I see Johan chatting away to a certain manager in yellow at the finish line… great excitement!

P1060135Claude looked as though he’d just been out for a jog!

Chatting to Petros Sosibo post-raceP1060137

Claude Wins Comrades Marathon 2013

On seeing a picture of Claude from a Nedbank Running Club Shoot, I just thought “there’s this year’s winner…” so that’s what I tweeted, and Pinterested and Facebooked 3 weeks prior to Comrades Race 2013 – I even sent it to Claude!…   Look at that face… tell me it does not have “winner” quietly and humbly written all over it!

Claude Moshiywa Pinterest

Claude Moshiywa Pinterest

Comrades Marathon 2013, CLaude Moshiywa wins in 5.32

Comrades Marathon 2013, Claude Moshiywa wins uprun, in 5.32, first South African in 21 years to win the uprun!  Here with Mike Finch.


Taking the lead from Kekana


Pure concentration!


Battling it out, Claude and Johannes


Kekana and Claude ran for a good part of the route together, one surging and the other one gaining and taking the lead again.


Comrades Marathon Award 6 may Ludwick Mamabola2 089

And his feet aren’t even on the ground!

Comrades Marathon Award 6 may Ludwick Mamabola2 107

Comrades Marathon Award 6 may Ludwick Mamabola2 108 Comrades Marathon Award 6 may Ludwick Mamabola2 138With proud manager, Craig Fry


All images (c)  Should you wish to make use of any of the images (there are over 1000 of Comrades Race 2013, including for the other PRO clubs, please use the contact form for high res)

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