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WELCOME to Tweet of the Week. Every Friday I shall use this column to hand out this award to one person who has tweeted something of significance, and explain why. There are no strict rules, only that the tweet in question must offer an important insight, define a debate (notorious or otherwise) or mark an occasion. The winner will receive an avatar they can use as their Twitter profile picture for a week.

This week, the Tweet of the Week goes to @MoshiywaC for:

Tweet of the Week

claude moshiywa tweet of the week from bdlive

“Oh my gosh tomorrow will be my first long run towards my goal to win Comrades.”

Profile: “Comrade” Claude Moshiywa, as he has become known, is a South African long-distance runner and ultra-marathon specialist. He has five Comrades Marathon gold medals and, on June 2, became the first South African to win the “up” marathon in 21 years. He finished in a time of five hours, 32 minutes. He currently has 788 followers on Twitter.

Citation: That tweet was published by Moshiywa on September 28 last year; eight months later he would achieve his goal. You have to give it to the man: in a country of broken promises, he delivered. For sheer excellence and self-belief, then, he wins the award.

Moshiywa’s tweet raises the question: why is it that we generally hold professional sportspeople to a different standard than politicians? I believe it has everything to do with excellence and expectation, the two being closely related.

One rightly expects a higher standard from a person or institution that values excellence, for their benchmark is always aspirational. The current standard, which might be excellent itself, is never enough. Excellence always seeks to improve on itself.

Before the 2013 race, Moshiywa had four gold medals. That, however, was not enough to satisfy him; he wanted to win. So he raised the bar. Now that he has won, you can be sure his goal will be to win again and better his time. In this way, professional sports embodies everything that is wonderful about the idea of excellence and progress.

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One Response to “TWEET OF THE WEEK: Claude Moshiywa | Columnists | @BDliveSA”

  1. plustenner Says:

    love the ‘tweet of the week’! well done Claude.. just proves hard work does pay off ..

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