The Mandela Project – Be the Change you want to see – Join @NdabaMandela’s online community #GivingBack

Hello Everyone

As is well known I am involved with the Mandela Marathon – a marathon held annually to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela, who is considered not only the father of a Nation, but a Continent and indeed an international icon, a hero in a world that needs them. Mandela Marathon is endorsed and supported directly by the Madiba Family and the Nelson Mandela Foundation and we are proud to announce that MDM has “set up” in the home as well. Join us on Twitter and Facebook too, where you can share your thoughts, experiences and inspirations with us and thousands of others.

Following in the great man’s footsteps are his grandsons, and both Mandla and Ndaba are very involved in community developments and nation building. Together we can all make a huge global impact. Change needs to start within ourselves as individuals. YOU BE THE CHANGE…

I encourage you to join Ndaba Mandela’s online community, where you can share your events, inspirations and stories with others. How can YOU make a difference? – and yes, Ndaba really IS Madiba’s grandson and you can follow him on Twitter J

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My grandfather, Nelson Mandela, believed that we each have the capacity to make a positive difference in the world. Just as each journey must begin with a single step, your pledge is a step forward in creating a compassionate global community.

I have been inspired by my grandfather and hope that you will help me to continue his legacy. My online community,, provides a home for aspiring and established activists to come together to share, learn and inspire each other to make our world a better place.

Please help me by joining today. Together we can change the world.

Kind Regards,
Ndaba Mandela


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