THE Marathon of South Africa? #MandelaMarathon @RunningEasy #MandelaExperience

Sculpture of Madiba at the Mandela Capturer Site, the finish of the Mandela Marathon - the #MandelaExperience


Not only does the Mandela Marathon and 10 km take place on the last Sunday in August each year from 2014 onwards, but it is geared to accommodate athletes from various age categories, abilities, and this includes a 4.6664km Kiddies Race and a wheelchair race. This year Mandela Marathon Race Organising Committee has included an International Cyclist Race. There is also the VIP Elite 4.6664km race which sees the MEC and even members of the Mandela Family taking part.

However, the Mandela Experience does not stop there. A number of events are planned the week prior to race weekend, which are aimed at showcasing local talent, encouraging youth, and empowering local rural businesses, which we now fondly refer to as the #MandelaExperience.

At the finish line at Mandela Capture Site there will be a performance by local known artists to entertain the spectators, again enhancing the vast pool of talent that KZN has, allowing the artists themselves to showcase their talents, again giving rise to experiencing Nelson Mandela as a “Man for all People”.

via THE Marathon of South Africa? – Running Easy – “Try Easier”.

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