Featured Race #MandelaMarathon @Running Easy – “Try Easier”

Mandela Marathon logo

Our featured race is the Mandela Day Marathon because this is a race that has the potential to “have it all”. There are many, many marathons in the world and many, many marathons in marathon made that’s a lot of m’s ;- South Africa. However I am excited about the Mandela Day Marathon as I explain in my blog post – “THE marathon of South Africa”.


I suggest that this race has the ingredients to become the iconic marathon race of South Africa like the Comrades marathon and the Two Oceans marathon have done for ultra-marathons. Running is more than just the distance run – which in itself is a huge achievement, but it is what the race means to those who participate. How incredible is a race that reminds us of someone who selflessly struggled against oppression in a spirit of humility. How incredible is the opportunity to visit key places in this struggle and share it in a very real way as you run the hills that dominate the race as it makes it way along it’s meandering 42km course.

mandela marathon route map

via Featured Race – Running Easy – “Try Easier”.

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