Have YOU entered 2013 #DaREDevil Run? C’mon you know you want to @PMBComChest

Message from Community Chest:▼▼▼▼

“Please share this page http://www.daredevilrun.com/ as much as possible…

The flow through pictures are amazing…



SMS Chest to 40838 to donate R20

100% Fundraised (R3.6m) is 100% Distributed (R3.6m) to 76 Community Impact Partners for 2013/4

Michael Deegan, Executive Director, Pietermaritzburg & District Community Chest

Tel: 033-394-1031 Ext: 102, Fax: 086-651-6881/033-394-9653, Mob: 072-768-5485

Email: director

Website: www.communitychest.org.za

Click here to register http://www.daredevilrun.com/

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P Please, consider your environmental responsibility.
Before printing this e-mail ask yourself: "Do I need a hard copy

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