So when we’re waiting… Happy Halloween…

It’s been more than two months since my debilitating injuries sustained as a result of an accident at the start of my beloved Mandela Marathon.  Notwithstanding the fractured bones, torn ligaments in both legs, I managed to continue with my work, and see the lead men home.  Thanks only to elite athlete, local PMB man, Bongmusa Mthembu, who was commentating for TV, and who held me up so that I could fulfill my functions of live updates, pictures and commentary – he had to, I couldn’t stand.  I did say ouch!  Thanks also to my awesome driver on the day, who in fact is not a driver but a very highly ranked member of the Umgungundlovu District Municipality – we will just call him Musa… he’s an angel treading on this earth…

Fast Forward to more than two months, injuries are healing very slowly, I no longer look as much like Robocop, but do have a walk similar to Malcolm X – with a limp.  I am assured by the orthopedic surgeon that within a few more months this will heal, providing the nerve damage isn’t permanent, which I believe it’s not.

Anyway long story short, 2 months of almost completely bedroom bound, anxiety to get back to work taking over, and boredom filling my long days, I sit here on 31 October 2013 making photo collages…. yes, this is what I am doing, passing time…  and they’re beautiful…

Happy Halloween to my beautiful children, one in UK, one near the Botswana border, the other in another city and my three babies at home – I love you with all my heart….

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