#SocialMedia IS Power – turbo charge your event

Social media can turbo charge your event.

After reading the above article (link) I felt compelled to add in a few pointers which from a hands-on point I believe to be even more valuable than APPS etc.   While everyone has a cellphone not everyone has a SmartPhone.  What are most cellphones used for?   Twitter, Facebook and the like.   Herein lies the power!

You are NOT more important than the people - you EXIST because of the people!

You are NOT more important than the people – you EXIST because of the people!


While not all aspects mentioned in the linked post above are easily incorporated into the digital infrastructure of an event, event organisers should go the extra mile to ensure that they cover as many bases as possible.  This does mean carrying all the on-the-go equipment, being on hand 24/7 and having a less than 2second response time (Just kidding) BUT most importantly are the rules of engagement.  Ideally only one dedicated person handling every aspect of social media/digital presence should be the point of reference.  Without that, mistakes can – and WILL – be made. Sometimes with dire consequences.

We know from some very ill-fated events recently how quickly mistakes overtake the good.   Virality is key.   Make it ‘good’ virality.

The most vital (and cost-effective form of marketing) part of any social media campaign is simply this – human interaction.  

Event organisers who believe they/their brand is bigger than the people or the event need to go back to the drawing board.   They are there because of the people.   The people create the event.   Engage with them.   You are NOT more important, you exist because of them.

The largest failure I see daily in people trying to promote even those events which should prosper simply by the names, amounts of money involved etc, is that there is no human element on hand to form – and maintain – relationships with the people who are supporting the event.  

And, honestly, Mr Organiser, Mr Joe Soap feels he is important enough to want to support your event, likewise it is true you would need to – and indeed WANT to – engage with Mr Soap, because next to Social Media word of mouth is still a very effective form of marketing – good or bad!   Without all the Mr Joe Soaps your event would fail dismally.  Mr Brand owes Mr Soap an opportunity to interact with you – after all, Mr Soap has seen fit to support you.   Does it not seem etiquette to respond to his questions, queries, comments?   Even just acknowledge him by saying “Have a lovely day Mr Soap!”

I read a very short line the other day in the bio of a social media user, which struck a chord and I often refer to it:  “Social Media is the only thing more powerful than politics and law”.

Social Media IS power.   Use it, harness it, take it to the highest level to enhance your event – but include your followers/supporters in the flight – and don’t stop at the end of the event.   An event needs to create memories, it needs to generate excitement so much so that every cousin, aunty uncle and granny of Mr Soap’s wants to be a part of it come next year.   It is a 365 day a year job – and yes, it REALLY is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Not for the fainthearted, this kind of work only works with real passion behind it.  Disinterest and self-importance in your role shines through, whether you like to believe it or not.  Both are unattractive and will do more harm than good.

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