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Few people realise that bullying can cause children (and adults) to attempt suicide and to commit suicide. Our book Bullycide: death at playtime by Neil Marr and Tim Field (published by Success Unlimited in January 2001) reveals that each year in the UK at least sixteen children commit suicide because of bullying at school. Bullycide is a word coined by the authors to describe when bullied children are driven to suicide rather than face another day of unrelenting bullying, harassment and abuse. See the reviews.

In other words, the equivalent of a Dunblane of children die every year because of violence which in many cases those in authority are ignoring or denying. Because a suicide must meet the criterion of beyond reasonable doubt, coroners are often unable to record this verdict, thus the verdict is often misadventure or accidental death. Also, coroners may wish to spare the family further pain from the stigma that surrounds suicide. Whilst understandable, these reasons have the unfortunate consequence of hiding the true figure of bullycide. Although no official statistics are kept anywhere, a search of newspaper and web archives indicates that bullycide is a worldwide problem. A list of children known to have committed bullycide is on the memorial page.

Bullying at school can leave scars throughout adulthood, impairing performance and preventing people achieving their potential. The psychiatric injury from bullying in childhood may also cause long-term damage to both physical health and mental health. The long-term effects were recorded in a survey undertaken by Kidscape and reported at a conference in 1998. The survey has been reproduced in Kidscape’s 1999 book Bully Free.

News of events relating to child bullying can be found on the News Pages.

via School Bully OnLine provides insight and answers for dealing with school bullying.

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