Beautiful #KZNMidlands – Christmas Cheer from @CowanHouseKZN

Cowan HousePreparatory School is set amidst hectares of beautiful landscape atop the mist belt in Hilton, in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. On entering the premises, and meeting the personnel, one immediately gets the feeling of all encompassing, nurturing love, a home away from home, a safe haven for our beloved children.

There was no question in my mind that this is what I wanted for Aiden, who commenced his education at age 2, diligently bashing away at his computer. Shortly into the grade 1 year it became abundantly clear that with my having returned to my former career full time, but still writing, researching and publishing, I would not be doing my son justice in continuing with his home education, due to severe time constraints. I just would not be able to give him the attention he had been exposed to previously. His interview with Cowan House was almost immediate, his entrance a few days thereafter. I was absolutely thrilled, thought I had won the jackpot. My child was going into a wonderfully caring and nurturing environment, a place I would be comfortable knowing that he is indeed at home away from home.

This year has not been the best for the family healthwise, with a number of unexpected issues arising, taking all told around 4-5 months out of our year. One of the constants has been Aiden’s progress at Cowan House. This year he seemed to come into his own as he greeted his former classmates and teachers at the beginning of the year, and really put everything he had into everything he did. How blessed are we that at age 8 Aiden has taken part – in one year – in chess, karate, swimming, cricket tournaments, soccer tournaments, tennis, cross-country (100Club woohoo!), athletics, and hockey tournaments. His advanced reading level has been nurtured and he has been allowed to continue on his own reading level, under the loving guidance of Annie Powell. Who could have wished for a better mother away from mother? Again it highlights the care with which our children are cared for within this school environment.

As we say farewell to 2013, we look on the past month or so, and reflect on the joy our children have brought to us, and the joy they have brought to so many others. I am writing this post specifically because of two events arranged by Cowan House, both of which brought so much happiness and goodwill to so many, at a time of the year when everyone needs it most, in a world where everyone needs it – period!

In November the grade 2’s visited Golden Pond, a retirement/frail care housing estate in the Midlands. On this day little groups of boys and girls had practiced and practiced, they were going to sing, play instruments, and do little dances for residents of Golden Pond. The excitement of Santa’s Elves that morning was consuming. My heart swelled with pride as I saw these little people getting their gear together and having one last practice. I looked at our beloved Annie Powell, the Christmas Angel, with her beautiful silver tinsel halo, and thought to myself again “How blessed have we been?”

I am not going to write too much more, I always think photos speak more than words, so with that in mind, let these pictures tell their own story. My beloved Aiden was with his friend, Aeden, and they brought joy, cheer, and many tears, to 7 extremely happy senior citizens, with their little songs, dances, music, and the offering of mince pies and cookies.

During the last week of term was the Christmas Nativity. My Aiden was a shepherd, and moms were bustling around making magic happen. Oh, how beautiful the children were. What a lovely nativity, arranged and directed by Debra le Voy (Aiden’s Grade 1 teacher), again the children were besides themselves with excitement. It was truly beautiful.

Big up Cowan House.

You bring so much joy to so many people.

We are so proud to be a part of the Cowan House Family.

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    Big up Cowan House.

    You bring so much joy to so many people.

    We are so proud to be a part of the Cowan House Family.

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