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Very often the mere suggestion of a new school programme can elicit an overwhelming reaction of: “Oh no! Not another intervention!” from the school Head and Educators, so it was wonderfully refreshing and energising for the PMB & District Community Chest to have their Generation@ Life Skills pilot programme welcomed and embraced so wholeheartedly by the Headmistress, Mrs Valencia James, and her remarkable team of educators at Alston Primary School in Pietermaritzburg Central.

The Generation@ Life Skills programme, unlike others of its ilk, is holistic, and engages not only learners, but also Educators and Heads of schools. So often, Educators and Heads are left out of the equation and interventions disappear into a ‘vacuum’.

This three-pronged approach ensures that everyone at the school benefited:

Inner Visioning for Heads is a 2 day confidential one-on-one engagement with a trained facilitator in a quiet, tranquil environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the school. The focus of this intensive process is transformative and motivational. The Transformer programme (16 x hour-long sessions) afforded Educators time and space for self-reflection and exploration of personal growth which helped them to realign their own personal vision with that of their school. Two experienced facilitators from educational and counselling backgrounds led sessions which included topics like principles and values, phases of change, conflict, and finding your voice. The Educators also focused energy on a particular project that they felt would make a difference at their school. For AlstonPrimary School, it was growing a small reading intervention into a fully-fledged remedial programme for learners in the Foundation Phase.

The Breakthrough programme comprised of12 x hour-long sessions with groups of Grade 6 learners facilitated by trained Peer Facilitators. Each week a different Life Skills issue was explored. Learners gave voice to their personal challenges, whilst being supported in a safe space, and were motivated to make the right life choices and to dream bigger than themselves.

A very special Graduation ceremony was held to conclude the programme with all Grade 6 learners reading and signing their names to the Generation@ Life Skills pledge. See pledge COMMITMENT on right.

Pietermaritzburg and District Community Chest is now looking forward to starting their first Junior Community Chest at Alston in 2014 and watching the new Grade 7 school leaders take up the challenge to fulfil their potential as servant leaders in their communities.

Images © Generation@ / Text & images supplied by Pietermaritzburg & District Community Chest

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100% Fundraised (R3.6m) is 100% Distributed (R3.6m) to 76 Community Impact Partners for 2013/2014

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