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VALENTINE’S DAY TEA FOR our Pietermaritzburg senior citizens

Have a heart – make someone’s day


When people think about Valentine’s Day, red roses, candy in heart- shaped boxes, and saccharine sweet valentine’s cards come to mind. It’s a time of love and romance. A Special day to make Special people feel appreciated and Loved.

What about the ELDERLY? On this Special Day many of our senior citizens are spent in grieving memory of his / hers deceased spouse, often abandoned by their children and society. They feel lonely and in low spirits just wishing the day could be over.

The Pietermaritzburg and District Community Chest will be having a “Valentine’s Day Tea for Elderly”. This Special gesture will be done on the 14th February 2014, at 10:00am for 250 residents living in WoodgroveRetirementVillage. The Chest also plans to have these occasions quarterly with other Old Age Homes.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could also come on board and make this day a success. We would require the following items

Tea (sachets) (foodpak sells them for R1.20 each)

Coffee (sachets) (foodpak sells them for R1.60 each)

Sugar (sachets) (Foopak sell them in 12kg boxes R235.80)

Canderel (Foodpak sell them in 12kg boxes R234.60)



250 Red Roses

250 packs of fruits & Chocolates

You could also donate cash and we will buy the above items for our elderly guests.

Let’s work together and make a positive difference to 250 Elderly Men & Women on Valentine’s Day.

To find out how YOU cab make a difference, please contact Angie Narayanan on (033) 3941031 ( more information on how to help.

Tel : 27 33-3941031



A Member of the Community Chest South Africa and affiliated to United Way Worldwide

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